Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nunslaughter - Hex

Genre: Death Metal
Year: 2007

Nunslaughter is a band that will never sellout. They pretty much still have the same sound they had in the 80's. "Hex" is exactly what you would expect from Nunslaughter.

What we have here are 17 blasphemous tracks that will drive the listener into insanity. Don of the Dead's raspy old school death metal yell is demonic. The riffs are fucking evil too. All the songs are brutal as fuck and will rip your head off. There are even touches of Doom Metal on some songs. Hex is a masterpiece and Nunslaughter's best album yet! There are NO weak tracks on this record, absolutly flawless. Hex is one of the greatest albums of 2007 by far. I highly recommend it to all fans of extreme metal!

Highlights: "This Is Fucking War", "I Hate Christians", "Pyre", "To Defile", "Ogrish", "Unbaptized", "Hex", "Smell the Burning Churches", "Face of Evil", "Lucifer", and "My Evil Concubine."


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