Friday, October 10, 2008

Rigor Mortis - Freaks

Genre: Thrash Metal
Year: 1990

One of the greatest thrash metal recordings ever. Rigor Mortis are one of the standouts in thrash metal because of their flawless songwritting and musicanship. The structure is very much like Classical music. The music is extremely technical yet the band remembers that they have to write a well-structured song. Because of all of this, they are among the best thrash metal bands.

The production kicks ass. You can hear all instruments and the guitar tone is fucking great. All of these songs are memorable and brutal thrashers. No weak parts here. The best song on the EP would be "Six Feet Under/Worms of the Earth." The track contains 10 minutes of epic, brutal, and technical thrash metal with Classical music leanings. Although it's an EP, "Freaks" is my favorite Rigor Mortis release. As I said, there are no shitty songs. Get this fucking EP. It might be short but it's more fulfilling than most thrash metal albums.


Friday, October 03, 2008

Hooded Menace - Fulfill The Curse

Genre: Death/Doom Metal
Year: 2008

Here it is, folks. The album of the year and what an album! If you have read my reviews, you can tell that I'm quite critical but I have no complaints for this album. Fulfill The Curse is just godly. Fans of Cathedral, Asphyx, and Candlemass will be pleased and being a fan of those bands, I can confirm this.

The music is very well structured. At times the music can be very epic and the music is just overall evil. Hooded Menace plays the finest bonecrushing doom metal out there with a great sense of melody. Fulfill The Curse captures the same atmosphere that the movies "Tombs of the Blind Dead" possess. The lyrics are very well written and are based on The Blind Dead movie series. The riffs are very memorable and are dark and erie. The guitar playing is not overly simple and it isn't overly technical. Crimson Executioner's bass playing is very good too. Especially on "Beauty and The Feast." The Hunchback's drumming is very good. Like the rest of the playing, it's not too simple and it isn't too technical. Which I consider to be a good thing. Especially in this style of music. Leper of Berzano's vocals are putrid and just fucking great. He kills all of those "BREEE BREEE" vocalists who sound like a pig getting anal fisted by a retard.

Highlights: All of the songs are perfect. I can't choose. Really, a review of this album can't describe how great this album is. Just buy this masterpiece of Horror Death/Doom Metal right now! It's on LP, courtesy of Doomentia Records!

NOTE: Metal Pundit are thanked in the "Thank You" list!

Overall Rating: 10+/10

Normally I choose not to disturb Bundy's punishing or exalting reviews because his work shines on its own and is best as he leaves it. However, I must inject myself into this review to address the members of Hooded Menace. First of all, you men are metal geniuses and this fact has further been confirmed by Bundy's flawless review. It truly is difficult to musically please this man (virtually impossible to impress him as you guys have), as he is a true metal connoisseur. Secondly, as the founder of The Metal Pundit, I thank you for humbling both Bundy and me by graciously including this blog on your Thank You list. You gentlemen have a home here. Congratulations on your masterpiece! - Lefty Metalhead