Monday, January 21, 2008

Massacre - The Second Coming

Genre: Technical Death Metal
Year: 2007

Here it is. The long lost Massacre album. I had no idea this was finally coming out until last week when I looked at Hell's Headbanger's site. I got it in the mail last Saturday. "The Second Coming" was recorded back in 1990 after Massacre's reformation in 1989. The line up features Kam Lee on vocals, Rick Rozz on guitar, Joe Cangelos (ex-WHIPLASH, ex-KREATOR) on drums, and Butch Gonzales on bass. "The Second Coming" sounds very different from the rest of Massacre's discography. Although it bares a resemblance to the classic Massacre sound, it also sounds similar to Atheist. This is the most technical Massacre album. Very unique too. There is even some slap-bass work on this record. The sound on "The Second Coming" is raw but still audible. There are tons of great riffs on this album. Butch Gonzales is a very good bass player too. Sadly this is the only known recording he has ever been featured on. His shinning moment here is "Devouring Hour." Which is also the best song on the album. What were Earache thinking when they decided not to put it out? There are no weak songs on it. This edition released by Hell's Headbangers/Nunslaughter Records contains "The Second Coming" recordings as well as a live version of "From Beyond" from 1992 as a bonus track. This is definitely worth the money and every metal fan should own it.

Overall Rating: 10+/10

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Anonymous said...

Massacre is technical death metal? Gee al, I thought your dumb ass HATED that shit.