Monday, February 27, 2006

Kinda Quiet

It's been kinda quiet around here lately, so I thought I would just mention that I bought the new InFlames.

I was surprised. The one song I heard - Leeches - before the album was released lead me to believe that InFlames had become the new KoRn.

They haven't.

The new album is actually pretty heavy.

You should check it out.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Rick Rubin to Produce Next Metallica Album!

Fellow Metal Pundits, the Bob Rock era Metallica is officially done! According to a story on Blabbermouth, Metallica have announced that their next album will be produced by the legendary producer who is known for his work with Slayer, Slipknot, and System of a Down. I'm actually excited about this! No more trash can snares, no more lack of solos, and hopefully no more crappy songs! I have high hopes for this next album. I sure hope they don't let us down again! The ideal would be to have Rubin influence them to play thrash. This is all wishful thinking, but I really wish that their next album will rival recent masterpieces by Exodus and Nevermore!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Interesting Survey

I ran across this survey and thought I would post it here to get some feedback and your thoughts.

As a conservative, I found these two quotes to be of particular interest.

1)"Two of the four mentioned most often _ Rice and Powell _ are from a Republican administration that is unpopular with most blacks"


2)"A more diversified black community doesn't find it necessary to have one voice."

Is this survey indicative of a shift in the black community from blind allegiance to a party for partys sake toward a more educated and thought out approach concerning leadership?

Hurricane Katrina - and this administrations lack of a timely response - seemed to play a large role in some of the responses, and given that, I found it curious that Rice came in just under Jackson - as opposed to Farrakhan or Sharpton.

But I also found it hopeful in that many blacks, while blaming Bush for the response, don’t seem to be blaming the entire Republican Party – something even the most senior Democrats in Washington have been unable to do.

Your thoughts?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

This beats the hell out of any scripted show ever

Saddam Hussein has announced that he is on a hunger strike as his way of protesting the chief judge handling the case against him. He claims to have not eaten for three days, a claim was has not been verified as of yet.

In Saddams own words to the judge "For three days we have been holding a hunger strike protesting against your way of treating us — against you and your masters.".

This is the least of it, however, his former Intelligence chief has appeared in court the last two days only wearing his long underwear. Genius apparantly decided that he wasn't going to appear in court anymore and the judge and guards had other ideas. According to the AP he (Ibrahim) had to be pulled into the court — shouting and struggling and wearing only his long underwear — by guards who held him by the arms.

Some of my favorite quotes from the Butcher and his cronies

"You brought me by force in my pyjamas and I have been on a hunger strike for two days." - Ibrahim Barzan former Intelligence chief

"I say to all Iraqis fight and liberate your country." - Saddam Hussein - didn't he butcher the last group that attempted this?

"Hit your own head with that gavel." - Saddam Hussein addressing chief judge Abdel-Rahman

What a couple of nutjobs, may justice be served to them now and for eternity.

If this is the best you can do, SHUT UP!

I'm not Ann Coulters biggest fan. She's published the occasional piece that I agree with or find humurous and I greatly enjoyed High Crimes and Misdemeanors and Treason. Yesterday she highlighted exactly why many conservatives aren't enamored of her.

At the 33rd annual Conservative Political Action Conference she uttered six little words that will once again cast the Republican party and conservatives in general as racists.

Read below the fold for the quote

"Maybe they do [have nuclear weapons], maybe they don't, but they're certainly acting like they do. ... If you don't want to get shot by the police, don't point a gun at them. Or as I think our motto should be, post 9/11," Raghead talks tough, raghead faces consequences."

This kind of speech, while I will defend her right to say it, is disgusting. While I certainly understand where she's going with this in reference to Iran and the nuclear standoff currently in place, this is not the way to do it.

Introducing racial/religious slurs into a debate is the quickest way to provoke emotional response rather than intelligent debate. If this is the best that Coulter can do these days maybe she needs to shut up.

Ann, with that in mind (like you'll ever read this), get back to your roots of skewering liberals and knock off the slander against an entire religion. I dislike it when the liberals slander Christians and I'll not sit idly by while you slander Arabs/Muslims.

Update by BigNewsDay:
Here is a picture of his Adam's Apple

Monday, February 13, 2006


Anybody else see this post?

I have to agree with the guy. The comments left on Blabbermouth more often than not are less than intellectual, usually have no information that adds anything to the story, and almost always contain one the following:

"this band is gay because people buy their records and if you buy their records your gay too"


"pig vomit rules and so does any band that you don't know about because I know about them and that makes me more hardcore than you"

Now, it seems to me that most posters on Blabbermouth like to flame for the sake of flaming. It also seems to me that most posters have a case of "I listened to this band before you, and therefore, you aren't a true fan and don't know what your talking about" and "for a band to be a true hardcore metal band the music has to suck to the point of being almost unlistenable to and that is what makes it hardcore" syndrome. (I know unlistenable isn’t a real word, but I couldn’t think of another one that would work here)

In all my 32 years on this Earth I have never understood this attitude. Not everybody is in Joe Blows basement smoking weed when Joe Blow forms "X" band, and therefore, it is inevitable that not every person who likes "X" band will have been a follower since the beginning. Get over it.

And as far as I can tell, if a band sucks it doesn't matter how hardcore they are. Most people won't buy music that sucks. It has nothing to do with how hardcore I am or the band is. It has to do with the fact that music that sucks just...well, sucks.

I won't even touch the political arguments that go down over there for one simple reason: most of the posters there are probably posting from the library at their middle school. Until you get a job, pay taxes, get screwed by whatever administration happens to be in office at the time, pay rent to an asshole or a mortgage to a group of assholes, have to pay $80 every time you get gas, and are old enough to vote, I don't want to hear you bash something you can't even begin to understand. You can have an opinion, but until you walk a mile in the real world, nobody cares. Go find a girl and enjoy being 13. Let the adults be the adults. Your time will come soon enough.

Just my two cents and probably not even worth that much.

Yet more liberal lunacy

England is looking to impose a ban on smoking in public places.

As a smoker I tend to disagree with these indoor smoking bans as I find it a major inconvienience and nuisance to not be able to smoke at a bar. I personally feel that it should be up to the owners of these establishments on whether or not to allow smoking and from there the public can decide which type of establishment it wants to support.

I can also understand the point of view of the non-smokers as cigarette smoke is rather nasty to a non smoker (it bothers me at times). There isn't an answer that will make everyone happy with regards to smoking and "smokers rights"

But I feel that this comment in regards to the proposed smoking ban in the England pretty much sums up why I mistrust those on the left hand side of the spectrum

"Barron (Labour MP) said the government had been too concerned by public opinion and not health implications."

Any government that doesn't listen to what it's public wants and flat out imposes it's will for "the betterment of the people" is so marginally removed from an autocracy (or an oligarchy in the case of the UK) that it's not even amusing.

This is the kind of mindset that undermines the American way of life and I see the Democrats constantly and consistantly taking the view of "we know better than you do, so do what we say" attitude towards most everything.

Cheney shoots fellow hunter in Texas

Late Saturday evening VP Disk Cheney accidentally shot and wounded a fellow hunter while hunting quail about 60 miles southwest of Corpus Christi.

The gentleman shot is one Mr. Harry Whittington who is listed as being in "very stable" condition.

My first take on this was one of sympathy for the man shot and then I immediatly wondered what the nuts a Dkos had to say about it? What follows below are some of my favortie quotes from the Kos Kids

"So are these sick BushCo fucks only turned on by power and violence? Can't someone be set up for a sexcapade already?!"
by srkp23

"Vice President Cheney is no longer allowed to meet with the President, on the grounds that Cheney may accidentally slice him up with a letter opener."
by scottman

"First, Clinton shoots Monica in the face and chest, now Cheney shoots a republican in the face and chest. At least Bill didn't make the Secret Service clean Monica off. I wonder if the orange vest will be as popular with the rethugs as the blue dress was."

by Kickturn

"I come from a country where guns are few and far between - even the cops don't carry them.

So to hear that the Vice-President of the US has actually shot one of his friends is unbelievable. A walking advert for gun control. The fact that Cheney's office is trying so hard to play it down is also baffling - he SHOT SOMEONE for crap's sake...."
by Mephistopheles

"Dig deep-- thres aconspiracy somewhere-- dig dig"
by schtuw

"The REAL tragedy was.... That Cheney wasn't the one who was shot"
by exlrrp

To be fair I find at least one of the above comments to be amusing, namely those by Kickturn and scottman. The rest are rather normal for as far as how a conservative tends to view liberals.

I say this because it seems like libs are always looking for a conspiracy involving Republicans, a lack of respect for life unless that life belongs to a terrorist insurgent and of course the all powerful love that Bush et al have for power and violence.

Can't the liberals come up with something new? Don't the tin foil hats begin to irritate your scalps after a while?

Friday, February 10, 2006

Black History Month


In honor of Black History Month, I give you Bad Brains.

It's funny how kids at school are forced to learn about Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Rodney King, and a myriad of other useless information, but never a mention of black contributions to what many considered the fringes of American society - which, when you think about it, is where true change most often begins.

Bad Brains fit that description. They existed in a movement largely political in nature, but at the same time, largely a movement centered on pushing the boundaries of a society stuck in the mire of acceptance, mediocrity, and stability based on unstable ideals.

Bad Brains were an influential band during the Punk Revolution of the late 70's and early 80's. They somehow managed - minus the aid of major media, big record companies, or MTV, to carve out a large following in a genre so closely tethered to neo-nazi types and whites that the thought of a black punk band never entered the minds of those following the movement from the outside.

In this, I think Bad Brains made a statement about Punk that is all too often lost in translation. Punk - and by association, Hardcore - which, when you get right down to it, Bad Brains were - was a movement of social change. Much like the pontifications of X and the peaceful pleadings of MLK, Bad Brains were instrumental in shifting the paradigm of acceptance, of political expression, and breaking the strangle hold of mainstream America on the minds of the youth caught up in the punk expression – regardless of skin color.

One must realize that the punk movement was not centered around the bigotry or bias of race extremists. It was – and is - centered around questioning what one was told was truth with no evidence supporting such a dictate. Of course, there was a neo-nazi - to be refereed to as "fucker" - mentality on some levels of the scene, but the same can be seen in the hip-hop society that permeates our high schools, malls, and television today. However, in large, members of the punk scene did not subscribe to the base hate and intolerance the "fuckers" were preaching. In fact, I believe it was the Dead Kennedy's who sang "Fuck the Nazi Punks".

But that is a post for another time. Right now, I would like to take a minute and recognize the unheralded accomplishment of Bad Brains. A black band in a largely white environment, coexisting with like minded white people, working to break the mold in which main stream society expected them fit.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

And the award goes to....

Last nights Grammys produced the normal list of crap winners in the "Rock" category. Slipknot won the award for Metal. Before people get to upset over this, it's not like they beat out CoB, Obituary or any good bands. The nominee list was just as weak as normal including:

Ministry - no decent albums since Psalm 69
Mudvayne - never been too impressed with them, Dig is an awesome song, but that's it.
Rammstein - Everything since Sehnsucht has been a letdown
Shadows Fall - never understood why people like them, very boring musically

So given the normal crapfest of the Grammys (anyone else remember Jethro Tull winning best metal in 89 over Metallica with ...Justice?) Who do you feel should have been nominated in the metal category and which of those should have won?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The McCain-Obama Saga and the Funeral Rally

Barack Obama swept the Democratic Party off its feet with his keynote address at the DNC Convention in 2004. His truly inspiring words gave hope and meaning to a party in desperation. His lovable persona and strong work ethic implied that it would be difficult to find a major flaw in the junior senator. However, just when many of us, on the left, thought Obama was un-smearable, Senator John McCain unleashes a mudslinging campaign against him. Here is the letter McCain sent Obama:

"When you approached me and insisted that despite your leadership's preference to use the issue to gain a political advantage in the 2006 elections, you were personally committed to achieving a result that would reflect credit on the entire Senate and offer the country a better example of political leadership, I concluded your professed concern for the institution and the public interest was genuine and admirable. Thank you for disabusing me of such notions with your letter. ... I'm embarrassed to admit that after all these years in politics I failed to interept your previous assurances as typical rhetorical gloss routinely used in political to make self-interested partisan posturing appear more noble. Again, sorry for the confusion, but please be assured I won't make the same mistake again."

I'm not particularly interested in McCain's whimpering. Rather, I dare to speculate on what I think is manifesting: Dent Obama's image now for later reference.

It's true. I think McCain, a possible GOP presidential nominee for 2008, is attempting to lay a foundation to later smear Obama, just in case he's on the ticket for 2008 (which I doubt). I'm aware that this may sound all too suspicious, but why else would McCain engage in such a public display of character-thrashing? One thing is for sure, the wingnuts over at Redstate are ecstatic over this. They see it as a victory for the GOP since the Democrat's rising star was bitch-slapped! A bitch-slapping it isn't. Obama hasn't responded to this just yet. When he does, expect the same eloquence and honest character he has employed since he broke-out in 2004.

McCain, I believe you have fucked up going after Obama. It is not because I happen to like Obama, or because I worked on his senatorial campaign, but because this will make you look like the fool that you are.

Then again, the GOP's talking points have been lame as of late. What do they do after Coretta Scott King's funeral? Bitch the fuck about it! They make it seem as though the funeral was actually a political rally. They claim that it was inappropriate to bring politics into the funeral ceremony because it is "bad etiquette". Huh...just like politics were brought into a family's personal decision regarding a woman in a persistent vegetative state. Of course politics were appropriate, in my opinion, because Dr. King's legacy is defined by his civil rights work and the politics that came from it. Perhaps Bush's spy program shouldn't have been mentioned, but continuing to yap about makes the funeral a partisan issue...thanks GOP!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl XL

Greetings everyone! I took the LSAT yesterday and I think it went very well. Hopefully this isn't purely wishful thinking and confidence actually exists within me. I expect to receive my score February 27th, give or take a few days. We'll see how smart Lefty Metalhead really is! Fortunately, the test included only one logic games section. However, I went through the necessary reading comprehension section, plus THREE logical reasoning sections (one of which will not be scored). I'll keep you posted.

The Super Bowl is today. I pick the Seattle Seahawks to win with a score of 38-28. The Steelers are being hyped too much for my taste. We'll see in a few hours...

***UPDATE*** Damn! I was way off! Congrats to the Steelers!