Thursday, January 03, 2008

Obama Wins Iowa Caucus!

Illinois Senator Barack Obama won the Democratic Iowa Caucus today with 37% of the delegate vote. In a close second and third, John Edwards and Hilary Clinton (respectively) each received roughly 30% of the delegate vote.

This is an important win for Obama. Hopefully he can keep this momentum and take it into the New Hampshire primaries. This is a crucial step in the movement to reinstate much-needed progressive values in our nation's executive branch. Barack Obama is the man to lead this country to positive change.

In the Republican Caucus, Mike Huckabee stunned Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson in his win. However, analysts are currently speculating that this caucus may be meaningless since John McCain may easily win New Hampshire, thus capturing enough momentum to win on Super Tuesday. This remains to be seen.

Decision 2008 is heating up everyone! Don't blink or you may miss something special.


BigNewsDay said...


I strongly believe that the Iowa Caucuses show how much Americans want change. Obama beat the Clinton machine by 9%. His speach afterwards was nothing short of superb. Iowa has never elected an African-American to ANYTHING, but Obama won big there tonight.

Also, congratulations to Mike Huckabee. He proved that even on the Republican side, change is needed and that you cannot buy your way into the White House.

It is also now official that both Biden and Dodd have dropped out of the race. I wonder which camp thier supporters will join. Stay tuned, because this is going to be interesting at the very least.

Lefty Metalhead said...

This is a historic event! The Clinton machine looked very beat in Iowa. Obama proved that a strong ground operation can do wonders. Huckabee also proved this notion.

It will be interesting to see whether Obama and Edwards will turn their attention to each other and let Hillary Clinton sneak in a victory New Hampshire. Hopefully this won't be the case.

To my brother Axe,

Congratulations to your man, Ron Paul, for kicking Rudy Giuliani's ass! Libertarians showed up to vote. Independents also showed up, but they heavily voted for Obama.

Four days away from New Hampshire. It's getting really good really fast!

BlackLabelAxe said...

Congrats to Obama, I was moved by his speech. I like hearing a man who is clearly optimistic, which is something that for some reason you just can't fake.

I'm starting to think he will be a good president, and not because I agree with him on anything, but because sometimes it's just the aura of a good leader that ispires people to do great things. Ronald Reagan is the perfect example of this, although he made some brilliant policy decisions too (and some boneheaded ones, but people remember the good times). Like I said, I was inspired by Obama's speech and we have much to look forward to if he's elected.

As for Ron Paul, he's only 3% out of third place, and he polled higher than all the previous polls predicted. He gets treated like garbage by the mainstream press. He did virtually no campaigning in Iowa. New Hampshire is going to be the showdown.

Huckabee brought a populist message that brings crossover appeal, but I think he'll be annihilated for his religeous-mandated social policies, although I would like him to be our President simply for being a Fair Tax supporter.

I heard Ben Stein on CNBC last night argue in favor of more government regulation in banking. He even drew upon the wisdom of Adam Smith in his logic. Banking may be something the free market allows to create it's own cycles that wise government regulation could beneficially control. I'm up for looking into it, especially after hearing such a staunch capitalist like Ben Stein endorse the idea.