Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Presidential Straw Poll

Greetings Everyone! It's been a long time since I posted anything politically meaningful. I decided to create a Presidential Straw Poll to get a grasp of the most popular candidates for the presidency in 2008. Feel free to pick as many candidates as you please. I'll post the results in a few weeks.

Don't forget to comment on your pick(s) in this diary. Not only are your comments appreciated, but I'm actually curious to know what everyone thinks. Have fun with this and we'll soon know who are the favorites for 2008.

One last thing, please spread the word on Blabbermouth. I'm curious what the Blabbermouth community has to say.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

De La Hoya Schools Mayorga!

In a 6th round TKO, Oscar De La Hoya defeated Ricardo Mayorga to win the WBC Middleweight Championship. After a vicious promotion, where Mayorga taunted De La Hoya with vile vitriol, the new champ dropped Mayorga twice and gave him a boxing lesson. There is no doubt that De La Hoya is the #1 boxing attraction. I'm hoping a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. sees the light of day! Although De La Hoya showed a little rust, he landed an impressive 44% of his punches. Mayorga could only bow down after the brutal beating he was given.

Good Stuff!!!

Monday, May 01, 2006

NFL Draft thoughts

Please post any thoughts or observations of this past weekends NFL Draft here.

I was a little surprised that the Texans went with Mario Williams over Bush or Young. Their reasoning seems shaky at best, when you are 2-14 you don't focus on how best to beat a 14-2 team, look to getting back to a .500 record first.

What kind of crack is Buffalo smoking? Trading up in the first round to get a player that everyone had projected as being a late second or early third round pick?

Carolina got the best RB in the first round, Williams is an explosive runner that should last a long while in the NFL.

Pittsburgh should be a much better team next year, they made some awesome choices.

I still don't think that Jay Cutler is first round material

I'm glad to see that Marcus Vick went undrafted. Hopefully nobody picks him up in fre agency either

Tarvaris Jackson in the second to Minnesota? It's almost like they went out of their way to overpay a third string QB.

The boycott is on

Well, the boycott is on. Illegal Immigrants are lining streets across America and are not showing up for school or work, nor are they participating in the economy in any way.

This is awesome, the first thing I noticed this morning was that traffic was actually moving this morning. In the DC Metro area it normally takes me anywhere from 30-45 minutes to drive 20 miles in the morning. Today, it took me 15 minutes (highway driving).

I had to pick up gasoline at the local Sheetz station this morning and I was able to pump, run inside and grab a cup of coffee, the line consited of two people ahead of me. Normally this line is about 15 deep and slow moving.

I don't know for sure if the traffic is a result of the boycott, but if it is, let's extend the boycott to 365 days a year.

One other random thought about those that are boycotting the US economy by not making any purchases. What if one of them needs to go to the hospital, will they refuse treatment? If they are not putting anything into the economy today (debateable if they ever do), will they also not leech off of the economy today?