Saturday, May 24, 2008

Golgotha - demo

Year: 1991
Genre: Sludge/Thrash Metal

Golgotha were a band from Morgan City, Louisiana. They would later be known as Acid Bath. The reason why I decided to review their old demo is because this demo was something unique. Not saying that Acid Bath's material isn't. It is something I feel any fan of metal should hear. In 1991, Golgotha recorded a demo that I would consider a gem in the metal underground. The atmosphere on it is perfect. It's very morbid, very dark. The music is unique and heavy. It sounds almost like old school death metal but with clean vocals (although there are some occasional death metal vocals). Not as chaotic as most death metal bands though. They really concentrate on making a very morbid atmosphere. It really has it's own sound. The production could be better, but it's a demo so you can't expect much out of the sound quality. Especially if it was recorded almost 20 years ago. Golgotha would later change their name to Acid Bath and would release more quality music until they disbanded in 1997 due to the death of bassist, Audie Pitre.

Highlights: Apartment 13, Apocalyptic Sunshine, Finger Paintings Of The Insane, Blood of God, Nothingness, "The Mortician's Flame, and "What Color is Death."

Overall Rating: 10+/10