Saturday, February 02, 2008

Classic Album of the Week: Pestilence - Consuming Impulse

Genre: Death Metal
Year: 1989

Starting off originally as a cult thrash metal act, the dutch band known as Pestilence soon switched to death metal with 1989's "Consuming Impulse." Consuming Impulse is Pestilence's 2nd album and their best. This is one of my personal favorites. Not only that but the album cover is probably the best fucking cover ever.

Consuming Impulse is an old school death metal classic. This is the Netherlands' answer to Death's "Leprosy" album. One of the most notorious songs in death metal makes it's appearance. That song would be the infamous "Out of the Body." A song that is about "your worst fucking nightmare" as then-vocalist Martin Van Drunen would say. "Out of the Body" is a death metal anthem. Packed with killer riffs and the brutal vocals. Consuming Impulse does not have a weak song on it. Once you play this album, it beats you to a pulp and eats you alive. When it's done, it spits out your bones. Consuming Impulse is a mandatory album for death metal fans. After this, Pestilence adopted a more progressive sound on 1991's "Testimony of the Ancients" and 1993's "Spheres." After that they had split up but recently they have reunited.

Overall Rating: 10+/10
Pestilence - "Out of the Body"


Lefty Metalhead said...

Amazing band
Amazing album

"Out of the Body" is easily in my top ten death metal songs of all time...brutal, fast, and even catchy = a lethal combination.

Great Review Bundy!

scenecrusher said...

As a vocalist, Martin Van Drunen is GOD.

Both in Pestilence and Asphyx.

Especially Asphyx. Holy shit, "Evocation" is probably one of the best DM songs ever written.

This is the best metal site of all time. Period.