Friday, January 11, 2008

Denial Fiend - They Rise

Genre: Death/Horror Metal
Year: 2007

Tampa, Florida's Denial Fiend are a new band featuring metal legends Kam Lee, Curtis Beeson, Terry Butler and punk pioneer Sam Williams. The music on their debut "They Rise" can be described as "Horror Metal." The music is heavily influenced by ancient death metal, thrash, and horror punk. Lyrically influenced by old school horror films. Not the shitty Nu-horror CGI kiddie films. "They Rise" has a very original sound. A breath of fresh air from all the trendy -core bands. Even though Denial Fiend's influences consists of mainly old school metal, they are NOT a fucking retro band who tries to sound like they came out in 1985. Denial Fiend defies all modern trends!

"They Rise" features some of Kam's best vocal performances to date. He sounds evil as fuck and can sound very demonic at times. After a long absence from the metal scene, he proves that he still has it. Kam is hands down the greatest death metal vocalist alive. Lots of great riffs can be found here. Sam Williams is a riff master and his solos are fucking great. This album is just perfect. Very catchy and not a single weak song can be found on it. The album even features a re-worked version of "Legions of Doom" ("L.O.D.") from Death's 1983 "Death By Metal" demo back when they went by the name of Mantas. The very first death metal recording! "They Rise" is the best album of 2007 as far as I'm concerned! It wouldn't be a stretch to say that "They Rise" is one of the greatest metal albums of all time. All Metalheads must hear this masterpiece. This is exactly what this metal "scene" needs! Especially in America! If you don't like Denial Fiend, you should be ripped to shreds with a chainsaw before you watch your mother get skullfucked to death!


Denial Fiend - Cover Me In Blood (Fan video/demo/Dead Awakening version)

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