Friday, January 04, 2008

Hooded Menace - The Eyeless Horde

Genre: Death/Doom Metal
Year: 2007

Hooded Menace formed last year in Joensuu, Finland when members, Lasse (aka Leper Messiah) (VACANT COFFIN, PHLEGETHON), Anton (aka Hunchback), and Robert (aka Crimson Executioner) began jamming to Candlemass covers with death metal vocals. They later began writting their own material. Soon, Hooded Menace recorded this demo, "The Eyeless Horde." What we have here is crushing Death/Doom Metal. This will KILL all the posers out there! This is not another shitty deathcore band. The lyrical themes are based on the Blind Dead movies. The songs on this demo are "Fulfill the Curse" and "The Eyeless Horde." Both tracks are heavy as fuck and have somewhat of an old school feel to it. They are very simular to the early 90's death/doom bands. Lots of crushing riffs and excellent guitar leads. Especially in the title track of this demo. Lasse's vocals remind me somewhat of Tomi Koivusaari from Amorphis when they were a death metal band. The sound on this demo is very professional too. This is quality death/doom and is exactly what the metal "scene" needs today. Hooded Menace will go down in history as one of the best doom metal bands ever. This demo is an introduction to one of metal's future gods. Their upcoming debut album will be a mandatory release for all metalheads this year.

I highly reccomend Hooded Menace if you are a fan of Asphyx, (old) Paradise Lost, Candlemass, Winter, Autopsy, and (old) Amorphis. You can listen to their entire demo at their MySpace page.

"The Eyeless Horde" will be released as a 7" EP soon. Hooded Menace will be releasing their debut album "Fulfill The Curse" on Razorback Records later this year.

Overall Rating: 10+/10


Lefty Metalhead said...

Excellent review Bundy! This is easily your best written review ever. I'm very proud of you and am glad you're blogging with me. Keep the phenomenal reviews coming!

Al Bundy said...

Thanks! I agree. I've got more reviews on the way too!

Al Bundy said...

I'm also thinking of reviewing a classic album each week too.

Lefty Metalhead said...

Sounds good dude.