Saturday, April 21, 2007


On May 5th, the new Legions of the Abyss contest will be held. To enter this contest tune into for the Legions of the Abyss showcase show with DJ Metallord. This is HOW you win: Tune in to on May 5th starting at 7 PM CST (8 PM EST) and DJ Metallord will give you a clue (or maybe a few clues) about the question Lefty Metalhead will ask at about 10 PM. First person to answer this question correctly wins the prize! YOU MUST BE A REGISTERED MEMBER OF THE FORUMS TO ENTER! listen carefully and be logged on to the forum so you can quickly answer the questions when it's posted.

DISCLAIMER: This contest is open to all members of Legions of the Abyss. The winner of the contest shall receive a prize with a value of no greater than $35 (thirty-five dollars). The administrators of LOTA reserve the right to strip the prize of any winner who violates the terms of membership (see the forum rules thread) anytime before prize is shipped. All transactions are final.