Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sodom - The Final Sign of Evil

Genre: Black/Thrash Metal
Year: 2007

Although "In the Sign of Evil" was an EP, it was always my favorite release from Sodom. When I heard a few months ago that Sodom were going to re-record this EP including some of the other songs that were suppose to be on ITSOE, I thought it was going to either work or it would fail. The reason why I thought this wouldn't work out was because on most re-recordings, bands will fuck up their old classics and it would sound overproduced and the old feeling from the originals wouldn't be there. Thankfully, this is not so with "The Final Sign of Evil" and it worked out for the better. It is one of the few exceptions I'll make with re-recordings.

Because of the budget with their label, a lot of the songs were omitted from the original Sign of Evil. This is what "In The Sign of Evil" was suppose to be. "The Final Sign of Evil" features the 1984 line up for the band. Also, the production sounds really old school as if it was recorded in the 80's. Which I am thankful for because I usually don't like it when bands re-record some of their earlier material with modern production. There are no weak songs on this re-recoding. They didn't fuck up any of the songs that made it to the original Sign of Evil either. The best song on here is "The Sin of Sodom" as well the classic "Witching Metal."

To sum it all up, "The Final Sign of Evil" is Sodom's best album. Easily, one of the best albums of 2007. A great re-recording of a black/thrash classic.

Overall Rating 10+/10

Written by Blaspherion

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