Saturday, January 12, 2008

Classic Album of the Week: Death - Human

Genre: Technical Death Metal
Year: 1991

Death are the greatest band of all time. Bar none. Each record is flawless and I could considered any one of them as my favorite album. The reason why I chose to review "Human" is because Human is what I consider the turning point for Death. It has a combination of the band's old sound and future sound. Death were originally a death metal band that wrote songs full of brutality and malevolence. 1990's "Spiritual Healing" hinted Death's new direction but it wasn't until Human came out in 1991, that Death found their sound. A sound that brings brutality and melody together. Also played by extremely talented musicians. Although, this has been done before with countless bands. Death did it differently. It's almost impossible to explain but Death just had a very unique sound that cannot be copied. On Human, Death's mastermind Chuck Schuldiner recruited Cynic members Paul Masvidal (guitar) and Sean Reinert (drums). As well as the legendary Steve DiGiorgio on bass. Making this a landmark in Death Metal.

On this record, Chuck's songwriting matured and the music became more technical. The lyrics are more introspective. Musicanship is flawless. Chuck Schuldiner was the riff-master. My all time favorite guitarist. The opening riff to "Together as One" is probably the best riff ever written. The thick guitar tone on Human is definitely the best tone I have ever heard on any album. Lots of great riffs, pounding double-kick drums, brilliant bass playing, and perfect vocals. Songs such as "Suicide Machine", "Lack of Comprehension, and "Cosmic Sea" are considered metal anthems. The Japanese edition contains a cover of Kiss' "God of Thunder." Which is miles better than the original.

Each song on this record gets a 10+. There is not a single song I would skip over. Human (as well as the rest of Death's discography) annihilates everything in it's path. If you do not own it, make this the next album you buy. I will also say if you do not like this album, you have absolutely no business in metal at all.

Overall Rating: 10+/10
Death - "Lack of Comprehension"

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Anonymous said...

"Greatest band of all time"

You seem to say that about alot of bands. There can only be ONE great band, idiot.