Monday, December 31, 2007

New Metal Pundit for 2008

Al Bundy and I have been working on revamping this blog. Hopefully many of our original readers will return and help make this blog as great as it once was. The original Metal Pundit paved the way for new friendships, and we hope we can continue making great friends while discussing what we love the most: METAL! Of course, this blog will be heavily skewed politically. As you all know, the administrators of this blog are all a bunch of crazy, anti-Bush liberals! However, we respect opposing opinions and we strictly treat everyone respectfully (unless you ask for it, of course). This is a place to debate and challenge our most solidified virtues.

A new spin to this blog will be my thoughts and analysis of legal topics. As many of you may know, I am currently in my first year of law school. I have completed my first semester and I have learned incredible amounts of law and lawyering skills. I will gladly explain legal concepts with which I am already familiar. As my studies progress, I will be able to offer more insight. However, please do not ask for legal advice because I am not yet a licensed attorney. It is against the law for a law student to offer legal advice, so don't bother.

We all hope you enjoy the resurrection of this blog. As always, we are open and willing to consider all reasonable suggestions to improve the blog. Have fun and enjoy the posts!