Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Fucked-Up GOP

Could things get any worse for the Bush administration? Katrina, budget deficits, shameful approval ratings, outing of a CIA agent, Libby, Rove, Cheney, Miers, Frist, DeLay, and etc, indicate that this administration is complete bullshit! These morons asked America to put them in power to fix the wrongs done by the Democrats during the Clinton years, and all they have done is fuck things up over and over. Except for the 101st Fighting Keyboarders in Wingnuttia (Redstate, InstaPundit, that CUNT Malkin, Hannity, Limaugh), the country is beginning to feel putting these hacks in Washington was a mistake. Hell, they want nothing but radicals on the Supreme Court with Alito, the relief judge, going in there to overturn Roe v Wade and go on with his business (Bill Maher's anecdote). It's time for the left to take a stand and remove those bumbling idiots from power. What ever happened to Miers' up-or-down vote? These fucks made such noise about her nomination that she was forced to withdraw. Hypocrisy?

Fellow Metal Pundits, post your thoughts about the current state of affairs within the Bush administration. If you plan to write a lengthy comment, just make it into a front-page post.

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BigNewsDay said...

You're right! The GOP IS out of control. The conservatives I speak with keep saying that the Plame investigation is a partisan attack. Well, that is hardly the case. Patrick Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor working the investigation, was a federal judge appointed by George Bush. They ae also saying that Plame outed herself. This is typical Republican BULLSHIT!

Anonymous said...

From what I've heard there are about 4 people who have claimed that Wilson had been introducing Plame as his wife and CIA operative since at least 2002. I don't recall the identity of all four, but I know that one of them is Andrea Mitchell (sp?)

The Bush administration didn't cover itself in glory with the Katrina response, but I have to wonder if most of the suffereing could have bene avoided if Nagin and Blanco had done their jobs and followed the evacuation plan.

Miers was a poor choice for the Supreme Court. Michael Brown was apparantly chosen for FEMA because of cronyism (look how well he worked out), I can't say that Miers didn't instill alot of confidence in me.

I've been extremely disappointed in the GOP lately. The Republican senate has catered to the opposition party to the extent that they might as well not be in power.