Friday, November 18, 2005

Links of the day

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Here are two funny links that have been e-mailed to me today

"Deferred Success" is new term for failure?

The Rude Pundit's story about Ann Coulter's C**t


BlackLabelAxe said...

That story about Ann Coulter is emotional and spineless. People try so hard to take her down, but the harder they try, the sharper her focus becomes. I don't always agree with Ms. Coulter, but you cannot deny that she is at least interesting. If you want to get people involved in politics, you're going to have to make it less dull than it seems. Whether you're laughing and nodding with her or fuming in anger, you're not going to be bored from reading her stuff. The woman has a sword for a tongue, and a wit that never ends.

Ann Coulter is doing more to advance women's rights in this country than all the feminists combined in the past two decades. Even though she is a woman, people commend (or despise) her for the content of her work, not just the fact that she's a woman. She has a unique set of opinions that are not quite Republican, not quite Libertarian, and most definitely never Democratic.

I read her book (How to Talk to a Liberal- If You Must) and I've concluded that she may not be right about everything, but you can't ignore her. She comes out with guns blazing, and supports her point of view with relentlessly researched facts presented in a humorously insulting package that packs the biggest wallop of anything else you can read in a column anywhere. There's no filler in her writing, it's full throttle, in-your-face journalism that won't let you put it down.

If you have something to say about Ann, do it less emotionally, and say it with actual content in mind.

BigNewsDay said...

I can ignore her just fine!