Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Buying votes with tax money!

Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) has sponsored a tax refund that may be worth up to $50,000,000 over 10 years. Tax cuts are always a good thing, the problem is that they only apply to residents of Puerto Rico with children, who already don't pay income taxes. Curiously, her office would not explain why she did this. Clinton is the only sponsor of this bill.

Clinton is making appeasements to the very large Puerto Rican constituency in New York in exchange for easy votes in her upcoming re-election campaign, and she's doing it with our money. To manipulate the tax code in exchange for votes has all the markings of corruption on it, and we must not tolerate it for one second. Of course she's not the first one to try (or succeed) at buying votes with tax money, but this is a woman who has a great chance of becoming our next president. I'm not interested in starting red vs. blue debate here, because both parties have been or currently are guilty of the same thing. Currently, our tax scheme leaves the door wide open for abuse by politicians and their corporate lobbyists. This is blackmail at the election polls, and this threatens the very essence of Democracy.

Proposed solution #1

If you're tired of government blackmail, the purchasing of votes with taxpayer's money, and special interest lobbyists running our Legislative branch, we vote to ratify the Fair Tax Amendment. This gives politicians no leverage to buy votes, and lobbyists have no loopholes to hide in while they push corporate agendas.

Proposed solution #2

Don't vote for Hillary, even if you're Puerto Rican with children and it costs your family back home a bit more (read: what everyone else pays).

I'll support either solution, preferably both.


BigNewsDay said...

Hey Blackie,
In your proposed solution #1, you mention the Fair Tax Act being a way to limit the power of the lobby. In which ways does it do so? Bust out with some education bro.

BlackLabelAxe said...

Ok, the Fair Tax takes away any ability of the lobby for the following reasons:

-There are no special exceptions to any tax issues, for any reason at all. There are no tax breaks for companies that do x,y,z, or tax breaks for people who do x,y,z. The government will longer use taxes to blackmail America into submission. If you allow certain groups to take special tax breaks, you're opening the door for lobbyists to argue their case, pay off the necessary legislators, and get it written into the 60,400 pages of tax laws, and hardly anybody will even notice.

It's like this: Under the Fair Tax, everybody pays the tax, everybody gets the prebate check every month, and that's all there is to it. Some critics would ask why they don't exempt basic items like milk and bread from the tax. The reason is simple, because if you exempt one thing, the lobby will take over, and before even a year is out, everything in the grocery store will be tax-free, and they'll have to raise the tax on everything else to compensate. Besides, they've proven that wealthier people spend far more money on items like bread and milk, so the tax is still linear. With the prebate system, nobody ends up paying ANY taxes on all spending up to the poverty level. This way, the price of retail goods no longer reflects corporate taxes, income taxes, and capital gains taxes, so we are truly relieving the poor of their tax duties. No other tax scheme can truly eliminate the tax burden from the poor, which is it's a bit sad that more democrats, who allegedly look out for the common man, haven't signed up for this yet. From what I've heard, they're all waiting on each other to admit that this is the way to go, instead of taking the lead as the leaders we elected them to be. My senator here in Georgia, and my Congressional Representative are both co-sponsors of the Fair Tax bill. Yours can be too if you email, write, and fax them all day long. You have to show them that you're tired of being blackmailed, and you want to be in charge of your own money!

Hillary is trying to use the tax code to buy votes, something that would be impossible under that Fair Tax.

In summary, there's nothing the lobby could accomplish under the Fair Tax. The Fair Tax basically returns our tax code into a revenue-generating machine ONLY, and not the blackmail arm of the government. Lobbyists are the authors of this blackmail, which is why they are pulling every string they have to fight the Fair Tax.