Friday, October 28, 2005

Chicago White Sox Festivities

This photo was taken using my camera phone this morning at the parade. I was standing in front of the Chicago Board of Trade building, on Jackson and LaSalle. You can see the bus carrying some White Sox players. I think this one had Ozzie Guillen on the front of the bus.

This is a pic of closer Bobby Jenks as he exited Midway Airport yesterday. As you can see, I was there too. I was standing right on the corner of 63rd and Central, where the guys had to turn. I was able to see Paul Konerko, Mark Buerhle, Aaron Rowand, Tadahito Iguchi, Carl Everett, Jose Contreras, A.J. Pierzynski, and Ozzie Guillen. Yeah, this close!

This picture was taken by the media. It almost looks like it's snowing! However, the white stuff is confetti and shredded paper thrown down from the upper floors of the surrounding buildings.

Oh how sweet it is? I attended the parade this morning honoring the best fucking baseball team of 2005, my Chicago White Sox! Witnessing the guys pass by was truly amazing, giving me goosebumps and invoking a feeling of nostalgia. I mean, these guys made me love baseball, a sport I hated only 5 years ago. I began supporting these guys ever since, being heartbroken when they lost in 2000 in the Division Series, up to this special moment. I vehemently followed them this season, ever since the first game. Although I knew this team was special, I never thought they would go all the way. Let's just hope the guys (especially Paul Konerko) come back next year to do it again! Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie!


BigNewsDay said...

Now your just rubbing it in!

Oh well, at least Texas finaly has team that made TO the World Series. We're still proud of our Astros. Congratulations to the White Sox and all the fans.

Lefty Metalhead said...

Many Kudos to the Astros! Hell, they kicked the Cardinal's asses. They did a superb job, and I don't blame you for being proud of them.

Kull said...

Well, baseball ain't precisely my sport but thanks to movies and tv series I have a superficial knowledge of it...and I am always pleased to see the underdog triumphant.
I hope to be soon able to post pics celebrating some triumph of 'Genoa Cricket and Football Club' (And trust me, when talking of underdogs, Genoa's red-and-blue griffins deserve special mention! ;-)


Lefty Metalhead said...

Great to hear from you Kull. Rooting for the underdog is always fun! While I love baseball, I also love soccer and American football. Music, however, is my main interest, as we all know.

By the way, Kull, I'm curious of what your take is on France's problems. How does the European media present the civil unrest? What is the general mood in Italy regarding such things? I know there aren't many Muslims in Italy, but I'm sure people talk about these things. Sounds like a good Kull post, huh? Take care.