Saturday, November 19, 2005

Talking Point for the Weekend

Murtha's Bravery and the Subsequent Republican Smear Campaign.

-Has Congressman Murtha changed the Iraq debate? How?

-Can the GOP discredit or smear an accomplished Vietnam veteran?

-How will Bush and Cheney respond to Murtha's comment about it being easy for draft-dodgers to send kids to war?

-Thoughts on the seemingly failed GOP political stunt, sending a vote on a proposition to the floor of the House.

Let's get a great discussion going about this as the weekend begins. I think Murtha has hit the Bush administration hard and where it hurts! Some GOP have come out defending Murtha (Henry fucking Hyde? Can't believe it!). Have a kick-ass weekend and make sure to listen to some fucking brutal shit! I'll be listening to the new Children of Bodom and Old Man's Child.


Osgiliath said...

I'm not sure that what Murtha did qualifies as bravery. It seemed to me to be more of a cheap partisan attack that really won't change anything other than go into yet more propoganda footage used by the terrorists in Iraq.

If we was truly interested in making a change he would have sponsered a bill to begin withdrawing the troops.

Of course he'll claim to support tyhe troops even as he gives the enemy audio clips with which they can recruit more people to the cause. What a great American.

Lefty Metalhead said...

The GOP responded with an even cheaper partisan attack. Propaganda footage used by terrorists? I still don't believe that dissent, or wishing the troops come home now emboldens the terrorists. Are you sure dissent against the war makes them stronger? Then how the hell did they get so emboldened before we started fighting them? Our dissent doesn't embolden them. It's the hawkish attitude employed by many Americans as well as our previous actions in Muslim land.

When a suicide bomber is ready to detonate, I doubt he gets motivation from images of Americans protesting against the war, or images of Americans bashing Bush. The terrorist likely gets it from his beliefs, from fundamentalist Islam ideology, to propaganda in the form of how the west has acted in Islamist states.

Mostly,I think the terrorists don't give a fuck what we think. They care about what their religious leaders think, and what they personally think, which is that we are scum.

Let me use a counter-example, do you think Cheney's claim that the insurgency is in its last throes worried the insurgents? Do you think they had sleepless nights because of this? I don't because they don't care. Their mind is set. And the people they target to recruit are fed the same fundamentalist garbage until they believe we're inherently evil, just like many radical Christians think Islam is inherently evil.

Murtha's action was brave. Whether it be just a partisan attack or honest calling for troop withdrawal, it brought attention to him. As military recruitment levels are not meeting expectations, I don't see many hardcore, pro-Iraq war conservatives enlisting, especially the extremely outspoken bloggers, aka 101st Fighting Keyboardists. If they have such a passion to win in Iraq, why haven't they joined the effort? In other words, they support the war for political reasons, not because they actually care. Same shit dude, just politics. It takes brave people to play the game publicly.

Osgiliath said...


I've got to disagree with you 100% on this one.

Public statements by our politicians have been used time and time again in the morale building efforts of the other side. I think that Murtha is entitled to his opinion, but if he was truly interested in change the place to do it would be in Congress, not at a press conference.

As to Cheneys statements to the insurgency being in its death throes. I don't think it changed a thing as it is not something that the terrorist leaders would spread around to their cells.

Since when does supporting a war require one to enlist? One does not follow the other. For example, I support the deportation of illegal immigrants, does that mean that I need to go into law enforcement in some capacity?

I still fail to see what bravery is involved in calling a press conference to call for us to quit in Iraq. For me to apply brave to Murtha he needs to back up his words with action in Congress, otherwise I'll have mark him off as a liberal blowhard. Given the recent track record of the Democratic Party my money is on liberal blowhard.