Thursday, October 27, 2005

Chicago White Sox are the CHAMPS!

After 88 long years, the Chicago White Sox, the southside underdogs, have won the World Series. Congratulations to the Sox, the team which has awarded all Sox fans bragging rights against the Cubs constant failures! Ozzie Guillen did a wonderful job with these guys, and he deserves all the recognition. Dusty Baker is in the dust! Thanks to Konerko, Iguchi, Dye, Rowand, Everett, Podsednik, Pierzynski, Crede, Uribe, Garland, Garcia, Buerhle, Contreras, Jenks, Politte, Cotts, Marte, Vizcaino, Hermansson, El Duque, Blum, Widger, Harris, Ozuna, GM Williams, Jerry Reinsdorf and the rest of the 2005 CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM!!!

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