Monday, October 17, 2005

Hello to you all...

My name is Paolo and I live in Genoa, Italy (in the country's NW quite close to the French border, the hometown of C. Columbus)...I am older than Jon Nödtveidt but younger than Lemmy and I know this is not saying much! ;-))) I have a 'cum laude' degree in Modern Literature and a voracious appetite for anything related to history, art and culture.
Politically I am a socialdemocrat and spiritually a rationalistic agnostic with some penchant for neopagan philosophies. I have also a deep-rooted love for metal and hard rock, which was born when I listened to 'Rainbow' for the first time on my uncle's hi-fi.
My favourite genres as of now are Thrash, Black, Heathen/Viking, Melodic Death and Epic/Symphonic Power Metal but there is ONLY a genre of 'metal' that I really dislike and that's 'nu-metal'.
I listened (and still listen) to NWOBHM, old-school death, speed metal, grindcore, progressive metal, australian warmetal and even 'venezuelan beaver cheese metal' (for the monty-phytonesque among you! ;-).
I have been invited on this blog by 'Lefty Metalhead' and I am still grateful for the chance he gave me to meet with like-minded people and to swap ideas comments and suggestions.
I trust this little post of mine will be the first of a long series.
Paolo / 'Kull'.


Lefty Metalhead said...

Welcome Kull. This is Lefty_metalhead, aka "fuckhaters" from Blabbermouth. I welcome you to my blog and I look forward to reading your posts. I am in the process of writing The Metal Pundit's mission statement, which falls along the lines of "giving politically-inclined metalheads a voice while simultaneously demonstrating that metalheads are politically/socially conscious". Your education tells me to ask you for your thoughts on what the mission statement should be. Thanks again for joining and write on!

Kull said...


Given the fact that:

-most of the kids that started to listen to metal music in the 80s and 90s are by now fully grown adults integrated in their respective societies and fully immersed in the golbalized world we're living into.

-informatic and telematic technologies do allow people from ALL OVER THE WORLD the chance to exchange ideas and opinions at a pace and with a depth formerly undreamt of.

-the very nature of the surrounding world makes political stances and attitudes much more permeating of everyone's everyday's life.

We hereby state the intention to form a virtual point of aggregation, dialogue and mutual understanding, where:

-people with progressist and liberal attitudes could come a realize that we 'metal kids' are not those lousy unwashed barbarians like the mainstream media often depict us (not all of the least! ;-))))

-people into metal music, culture and lifestyle can come to get acquainted with the principles of left-winged political activism and a left-inclined view on current international events.

-people whose tastes and ideas ALREADY include metal and progressism can find new occasions for discussion, debate and, last but not least, a good time.




Lefty Metalhead said...

Sounds good Kull. I'll give you more detailed feedback tomorrow.