Friday, March 03, 2006

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Greetings fellow metalheads! I apologize for the delay in posting a meaningful diary. I have been incredibly busy these past couple of months. I finally received my LSAT score. While it isn't as high as I expected, I'm still in the mid 150's, which will help me get in a decent Chicago-area law school. I suppose my forte isn't standardized testing because I was doing very well in the practice tests I took. However, I have to keep pushing forward and must not let anything get me down.

A lot has been going on lately in the world of politics. A video showing the Bush administration ignoring Katrina warnings has made significant noise. The left is surely attacking the Bush administration, which has recurrently proved that Americans cannot trust federal government-loathing people to govern. This administration has demonstrated how incompetent it is. Sure, they're awfully good at politics and framing the debate, but responsible social and fiscal governing has been more than lackluster.

For Democrats like me, this doesn't mean that this year's midterm elections will be glorious. The DNC has to develop some meaningful ideas that will resonate with the American public. The Dems will not win if they simply run on GOP failures (and there are plenty of them). I sure hope Democratic leaders like Rahm Emanuel (head of the DCCC)are creating a strong message.

The other big story is the Dubai Ports deal. This story bores me, so I don't really have anything to editorialize about. I will say that this situation raises questions about the Bush administration's true political motivations. Bush's 2004 campaign was infested with "fight against terrorism" rhetoric. He consistently asserted that he would do anything to beat the terrorists. Furthermore, the contrapositive to this is that he would also NOT do anything that would help the terrorists. I'm not suggesting that such a deal would help terrorism in any way. I am, however, saying that this fiasco reveals a crucial inconsistency - that suddenly Bush isn't as austere about this principle anymore.

Those Republicans who support the president on this deal (many GOP are opposed) have spewed vitriol at the Dems, suggesting that their opposition stems from outright racism. I will say this isn't the case. However, it is quite apparent that this debacle is all about politics. It's understandable since it is, indeed, an election year.

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BigNewsDay said...

Great post Lefty! Don't be discouraged on your LSAT grade. I'm sure your going to kick ass in law school.

I do agree that the Dems need to provide a platform, or the right will continue to say that we don't have any ideas. If our party steps up, we can sweep these mid-term elections.

BigNewsDay said...

A guitar that was forgotten that completely kicks ass is the Gretsch. I am also a huge fan of rockabilly, and you have to play a Gretsch if your going to play rockabilly.

ZombieSilas said...


I think that is the guitar of choice for the Foo Fighters - who I like despite the "pop music" tag.

I have a Fender electric that I love to death, but I can't wait to get a Martin D-35 acoustic.

Osgiliath said...

Great post - one thing you said really got my attention

"The left is surely attacking the Bush administration, which has recurrently proved that Americans cannot trust federal government-loathing people to govern."

Ummmmmm. The federal government has grown immensely during Bush’s stay in office. He's cut taxes like a Republican and spent like a Democrat. If anything he's shown why liberals (or liberals dressed up like conservatives) shouldn't be in charge of our (or any)government.

BigNewsDay said...

Os, I think that he has shown that people without common sense should not be running countries.

Lefty Metalhead said...

When Bill Clinton was in office, the country was in much better standing. Clinton was socially liberal, but fiscally responsible (not necessarily conservative). The neocons can't govern for shit! Progressives, and basically anyone other than supply-side conservatives, can do a better job.

Why is it that this country has faced it's most recent dire financial moments while Republican (self-proclaimed conservatives) presidents were in power? And why have liberal-leaning Democrats cleaned many messes up (FDR, Clinton, etc)?

Osgiliath said...

Bignews - Agreed, that's why the last election sucked. We had Bush and Kerry. Neither of them is fit to be President, but I had higher expectations of Bush than I did for the gigalo.


Fiscal responsibility and FDR in the same breath, that's pretty good. Once I got past the H.S blather about how great FDR was I learned that his actions may have actually made the Great Depression far worse than it would have been.

Clinton took over an economy that has already begun to recover under the first President Bush. The economic collapse began while Clinton was still in office.

Reagan actually did a decent job with the economy, remember he had to overcome the economic policies of the worst President in US history (Carter-D).

BigNewsDay said...

Carter inherited a faultering economy from the Nixon/Ford administration. He didn't have a chance. Reagan's economic policies destroyed many lives in this country. The economy didn't start to go south during the Clinton years until the dot-com bust.

Lefty Metalhead said...

Plus Reagan was the first jerkoff to fuck with social security, a system which, thanks to FDR, has made the lives of many senior citizens better.

Osgiliath said...

Carter took over a post war economy and absolutely destroyed any chance of it recovering. For the record, the only time we've had a good economy after a war was after WW2 - it is the exception rather than the rule (note – it also occurred under a Republican administration – stunning).

During Carters reign of ignorance the prime interest rate was at 21% and we had double digit inflation. These are numbers that Bush (as bad as he is) hasn’t even come close to.

To highlight the numbers – in 1977 (the year he took office) – inflation was at 7%, by 1979 it was at 12%. This was caused in large part by his flooding the market with more dollars even though the money supply was growing at about 11% per year. This is not something caused by Nixon or Ford, this was purely of Carters own making.

Many people did lose their jobs under Reagan. I won’t argue or deny that. Most of these jobs were lost during the recession of 1982 which is widely viewed as a result of wring the Carter inflation back down to more reasonable levels. Once the recession ended the US saw an economic boom that last for 92 months (Nov 1982 until July 1990). Once Reagan left office inflation was under control, the GDP grew an average 4.1% annually, At the same time don’t forget that Reagan was able to add about 35 million jobs to the workforce (this is new job creation). Not bad for someone who destroyed our economy.

On Social Security, Lefty, are you referring to the reforms implemented by Reagan that were widely hailed by Democrats and Republicans alike as a model of effective government? The same reforms, which along with his economic policies went a long way to providing the surplus we heard so much about from Clinton?