Friday, December 30, 2005

The Year in Review

2005 was a special year. It was the year of natural disasters, including the aftermath of the Asian tsunami, and the impact of the chaotic hurricane season. It was also the year of baseball bliss for us White Sox fans in the southside of Chicago. Mark my words, the White Sox WILL repeat in 2006! The Bush administration faced several challenges, as did a Democratic Party struggling for a unified message. Jump the fence to read more...
Politically, 2005 was a shitty year for Republicans. President Bush has been unable to carry-out his agenda, which includes the removal of social security, removing the inheritence tax, and stabilizing Iraq.

Don't get me wrong, the Democrats didn't do much either. In terms of policy initiatives, they were right there with the GOP. Nevertheless, it was nice to see Dems such as Harry Reid and Dick Durbin prove that the Democratic Party has finally grown some balls! Fortunately for us on the left, the 2006 midterm elections look promising, but we'll wait and see what tricks the GOP have up their sleeves.

Republicans such as Bill Frist, Rick Santorum, and Jeb Bush succeeded in making complete fools out of themselves throughout the Terry Schiavo fiasco. Dr. Frist was the first doctor to diagnose a patient on TV. The diehard pro-small government right tried to entrench themselves in the personal life of a family. The Democrats just stood there and watched. I still can't figure out who will suffer from this on the ballots.

Bush fucked up by nominating Harriet Miers. The wingnuts constantly bitched about giving all nominees an "up-or-down vote". With significant pressure from conservative pundits and the 101st Fighting Keyboardists (ie Redstate), Miers quit. John Roberts is a genius! Scalito scares me, and the super-religious Pat Robertson hopes more SCOTUS justices die soon.

Scandals, scandals, scandals, and more scandals! I thought Clinton was fucked up! The Bush administration has been involved in much bullshit: The outing of Valerie Plame, the Downing Street Memo (at least for us lefties), Illegal Spying, futile FEMA, and torture. I'm sure I forgot something. Oh what political implications these will have!

I think I wrote enough about politics. We're all political junkies here, so we know what happened. Osgiliath and BlackLabelAxe, I'm looking forward to your accounts of 2005.

The MUSIC!!!
Ozzfest 2005 wasn't as good as last year. Iron Maiden kicked ass. Mastodon was awesome. Killswitch Engage impressed. Who cares about crap like Bury Your Dead? Shitty Milwaukee Metal Fest, boo hoo!

I saw the following bands, which all kicked ass to various extents:
Children of Bodom
Amon Amarth
King Diamond
Lamb of God
Shadows Fall
Black Dahlia Murder
The Bands on Ozzfest 2005
Dimebag Tribute Show with Anthrax
and many more!

I leave this diary open for everyone to add their memories of this crazy year. Just edit the damn thing! Cheers.


Osgiliath said...

Interesting post. You've neglected to mention a few things.

Democrats were able to filibuster many qualified judicial nominees from the bench. A compromise was reached by the ‘gang of 14’ in order to get some of the judges on the bench.

They were also (just recently) able to make sure that the ANWR would not be drilled thus allowing us to retain our dependence on the oil fields in the Middle East - oh and those local oil fields owned by Pelosi, Soros et al.

Democrats in Louisiana and New Orleans showed us how NOT to deal with a disaster, as did FEMA to a smaller extent, meanwhile Alabama and Mississippi showed us how it’s done.

Miers was a nightmare of a nomination. She was the wrong nominee then and now. Bush did a decent job in trying to get the conservatives over on his side, but cronyism just isn’t something most of us are comfortable with.

Plame wasn't outed in an illegal fashion, she had not been overseas for more than five years at the time of the outing, which means that her covert status had expired. Also, as I've mentioned before it is looking more and more like it was her husband who outed her. The Downing Street Memos are still up in the air, I’m content to wait and see what happens. The explanation of ‘fixed around’ having a slightly different meaning in the UK seems reasonable and a liberal friend of mine in the UK has told me the same…

I’m also not convinced that the wiretaps that Bush authorized were illegal. From what I recall only calls from these numbers to certain overseas lines were monitored and this falls under the NSA and doesn’t require a warrant.

Other notable events this year. We lost Pope John Paul II, even though I’m not Catholic, I found the ceremony of choosing a new Pope fascinating. We also lost Rosa Parks, Johnny Carson, William Rehnquist and Richard Pryor.

Michael Jackson once got away with pedophilia and Dan Rather left his post as anchor of CBS evening news as a result of his involvement in reporting a false news story meant to sway the election to the Democrats.

Bush was sworn in for his second term this year, Screamin’ Dean became the head of the DNC. The Iraqi people held three elections this year, waving purple fingers in the air and smiling at their joy in being able to participate in the electoral process.

A Democrat actually said that they disagreed with the presidents policies and offered another solution!!! This marked the first time that another solution (other than I’d do it better) have been given since the presidential race of 2000. Of course the aforementioned Democrat is John Murtha, he also has the distinction of voting against his own proposal two days later and claiming that the people misunderstood what he meant, thus sending him back into the ordinary realm of Democrats.

Both the Democrats and Republican parties ran away from border security. The Minuteman project setup in Arizona to note illegal border crossings, this was so outrageous that the ACLU went along to monitor – the Minutemen.

Paul Vocker released his findings in the Oil-for-Food scandal. Overall it was fairly damning of the UN, and members of the French, German and Russian governments. Naturally the American media completely ignored the release of the documents.

In the metal world:

We saw Obituary return after a 10 year absence to release another awesome album. Korn gave Head to God (I still laugh whenever I read that). Sharon Osbourne continued to prove what a c**t she is by tossing eggs at Iron Maiden.

Bands/shows I went to this year

Dark Tranquillity
Napalm Death
Children of Bodom
Amon Amarth
Some crap boy band that was touring with CoB and Amon, ummmmmm Trivium

Bryon Rogers said...

Well, I think we have everything covered now. ;)

BigNewsDay said...

You guys forgot to mention our good buddies DeLay and Abramoff. This story will become very interesting in 2006. I'm also looking forward to the elections this year. The Republicans will be sent home by an America that is sick and tired of corruption and ineffectiveness. In Texas, Kinky and Strayhorn are going to through Perry out of Austin. I do't care wich one beats him, as long as someone beats him.

Bryon Rogers said...

Wow, big, you're alive. Haven't posted on your blog in a while.

BigNewsDay said...

I know! I am just getting over the worst case of the flu I've ever had. Time to get back to bitchin' about injustice and corruption.

crallspace said...

Twas a great year to watch Bush make a fool of himself and his entire party.

Happy 06. We will accomplish impeachment this year!

Lefty Metalhead said...

Hey Crallspace, join us! Send me an email: I'd love for you to join us in this immoral crusade!