Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Latest Recommended Albums

Greetings all! I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. I received several CD's from family and friends which I have listened to and have found to be awesome. I highly recommend the following albums for their stunning musicianship, solid production, and relevance to heavy metal:

Hypocrisy - Virus

Soulfly - Dark Ages

Xasthur- To Violate the Oblivious

Great shit. Xasthur may be too satanic for some of you right-wingers in here, but give it a try. HAILS!


BlackLabelAxe said...


Great album. Max really returned to his metal roots on "Dark Ages". If you really like that one, you would probably like "Prophecy" too. I'm very impressed by Mark Rizzo's guitar playing. The compliment it pays to Max's riffs are reminiscent of the Andreas Kisser/Cavalera combo that we all adored so much in Sepultura. I'm keeping it on my top 10 albums for 2005.

I'll check out that Xasthur album. Just because I'm a Christian doesn't make me avoid satanic music at all. Try reading the lyrics to any Opeth album. I'll probably download a few tracks to see if I like it first.

Osgiliath said...

Agree on the Hypocrisy. Virus is an awesome album. Don't think I'll be checking out Soulfly anytime soon, saw them open for Slayer a couple of years ago and was not impressed.

Meanwhile, the new Bolt Thrower is worth a listen as is the new Exodus.

Osgiliath said...

Finally got around to sampling some of Xasthurs shit. I'm not impressed, the music is decent, but the recordings I grabbed (from the inet) which were/are

Screaming at forgotten fears
Walker of Dissonant Worlds

Walkers is an instrumental track that doesn't show much originality - no bid deal, I've heard better and worse.

Screaming was something else. The vocals sound like he was shouting down a hallway into the mic. That alone killed it for me, If the vocals aren't as in your face as the music, why bother. To be fair, the music for Screaming is pretty fucking cool, if only the vocals weren't mastered that way I could get into it.