Thursday, September 21, 2006

Right-Wing Lunacy

As we all know, gay marriage has been a hot topic for Americans in the last few years. Today, while reading my daily dosage of The Onion, I came across this excellent piece about legislation that would protect the "sanctity" of marriage (note: marriage can be attained in drive-thru chapels in Las Vegas)from SHARKS!!! According to conservatives, marriage is under attack! Well, let's all do our part and urge our Congressmen to pass this law, for the protection of marriage is the most important issue in the universe!

New Bill Would Defend Marriage From Sharks

The Onion

New Bill Would Defend Marriage From Sharks

WASHINGTON, DC—Congressional Republicans cited the saw-edged teeth of the shark community as a direct threat to married couples everywhere.

Just in case some of you are wondering, the above story is FICTION. The Onion is a fictional, satirical newspaper that aims to put contemporary issues in a humorous light.


BigNewsDay said...

Damn shark! always trying to ruin it for us 'normal people'.

Lefty Metalhead said...

With their sharp teeth, how dare they? Fuckers!