Thursday, August 03, 2006

Upcoming Metal Albums

We all know new albums by Slayer and Iron Maiden will be released soon, but what other releases are we looking forward to? In other words, what are all you metal pundits looking forward to in terms of underground metal?

Up the \--/


BigNewsDay said...

Down is working on two new albums at the same time. I believe one will be acoustical.

BlackLabelAxe said...

+3 for Megadeth, Mastodon, and Maiden.

I've heard almost the whole new Slayer album on Hard Attack (Sirius 27), so I may not even buy it. They play at least 1 Slayer song per hour, which is not a bad thing at all. This is the reason why Sirius kicks XM and FM in the nuts.

Hatebreed- Supremacy

Trivium- Crusade (I didn't like Ascendency too much, but I know this band is very talented, and seem to be hanging around the right people)

Clutch- TBA

I hear Kreator has one in the works, also

Goremaster said...

So does King Diamond.

Goremaster said...

sorry i fucked that message up a bit but what i was trying to say is can you put my forum in your links section. feel free to join.

crallspace said...

The reunion of EXIT-13

Macabre - anything, any theme, Macabre kicks ass!

BTW, has anyone heard Mortiis' new material where he sings? Quite awful!

Goremaster said...

I liked Mortiis' instrumental works more then his current work. Fodt Til A Herske would be my favorite Mortiis album.

Anonymous said...

Mastodon - Blood Mountain
Lamb Of God - Sacrament
The Haunted - Dead Eye

and last but by far not fucking least

Isis - (whatever it's called)

'nuff said

metallord said...

Deicide-The Stench of Redemption

Kick's ass !!!!!!!!!

Fat Jenk said...

My Dying Bride is coming out with another "slit your wrists" doom album. My favorite!

Angel Corpse just reunited with a new drummer, so that is VERY exciting.

Pig Destroyer is working on some split 7" EPs with some other bands, can't wait to hear those.

Lugia010719d1 said...

some nice albums that should be released in the future:
Freedom Call - Dimensions (2007)
Timeless Miracle - ?
Vintersorg - Solens Rötter (The Origin of the Sun) (2007)
Symphony X - ? (2007)
Sonata Arctica - ? (2007)
Masterplan - ? (2007)
Silent Force - Walk the Earth (2006.12.21)
Stratovarius - ? (2007 - 2008)
Dark Moor - Tarot (2006.02 - 03)
Gamma Ray - (2007) - Land of the Free II
Adagio - ? - Archangels in Black
Luca Turilli´s Dreamquest - ? - ?
Luca Turilli - ? - ?
Elvenking - ? - ?
Ensiferum - (2007.02.21) - Victory Songs
Nostradameus - (2007.01.19) - Pathway
Helloween - (2006) - Light the Universe