Sunday, August 27, 2006

Metal Haven

Metalheads, today I'll be visiting Chicago's premier heavy metal shop, Metal Haven, located near the corner of Broadway and Belmont in the Lakeview neighborhood. I look forward to purchasing some brutal shit, so I'll update this entry with reviews once I have listened to my acquisitions. I feel like a woman - excited about going shopping!


Goremaster said...

cool. \m/

metallord said...

LOL i no how you feel. Must have this and that.It's like a kid in a
candy store.

china joe said...

this is chicago's best metal shop. but its so damn small, you get 3 people in there and its crowded!
i could go on about this place forever. ive even seen them plugged in metal maniacs.

lakeview has several good record stores. walk north on broadway and go into reckless records. shit loads of music and a pretty decent metal section

Lefty Metalhead said...

reckless records is cool too. i like to drop by Chipotle and have a burrito from time to time.