Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl XL

Greetings everyone! I took the LSAT yesterday and I think it went very well. Hopefully this isn't purely wishful thinking and confidence actually exists within me. I expect to receive my score February 27th, give or take a few days. We'll see how smart Lefty Metalhead really is! Fortunately, the test included only one logic games section. However, I went through the necessary reading comprehension section, plus THREE logical reasoning sections (one of which will not be scored). I'll keep you posted.

The Super Bowl is today. I pick the Seattle Seahawks to win with a score of 38-28. The Steelers are being hyped too much for my taste. We'll see in a few hours...

***UPDATE*** Damn! I was way off! Congrats to the Steelers!


BigNewsDay said...

I would have rather sen the Seahawks win that one, but I kinda knew that the Steelers were going to take that one. Nothing against the Steelers really, but if you grow up in the Dallas area, I think it is illegal to like the Steelers.

Osgiliath said...

I really wasn't pulling for either team, but I think that the Steelers need to adopt the 12th man idea from Texas A&M and Seattle. The flag should be white and black striped. They had that game handed to them by some of the most dubious officiating I've ever seen.

BlackLabelAxe said...

I liked to see Bettis go out like a champ, but I agree that the refs made sure that happened in a lot of ways. It's a big shift for the Steelers though, because they (the NFL) didn't want them to beat the Bengals, the Colts, or the Broncos, but they overcame biased officiating to win 4 games in a row. For that I admire them.

The football game itself was pretty lame, and ABC's production was basically horrible. The audio was fading in and out. Did anybody else notice this? The Rolling Stones show had the worst audio of the night. Maybe it was just my digital cable, but it seemed like it was a production glitch.

Lefty, I know the feeling of sit-and-wait after a big exam. Nothing made me happier than to get that letter in the mail telling my I passed the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam. I'm sure you did great. It's definitely nice knowing that it's all over.

Osgiliath said...

One other thing - If that's what the Stones sound like now - how in the hell are they able to have sould out shows? That was embarrasing to watch. Unintelligable lyrics, guitar work was way off. I had to leave the room it was so bad.

My preference for a Super Bowl halftime (as long as we are looking for relics) ZZ Top.

Osgiliath said...


I'll give the Steelers all the credit in the world for making it to the Super Bowl. I just don't think they won on their own merits.

When my wife (who hates football) turns to me and asks what kind of crack the officials are on after every third play I get the sense that something is wrong with the officiating. It didn't help that Madden and the half time commentators kept making similar remarks.

Al Michaels and Madden were mostly boring - I'll give them credit for their coverage of the Hasselbeck fumble that wasn't. I thought they did a good job explaining why it wasn't a fumble and showing why it wasn't a fumble. Other than that ABC didn't seem to have decent camera position for most of the important plays and Madden and Al rambled way to much (like I am now)

BlackLabelAxe said...

ZZ Top would rule at halftime. They would definitely be better than those stone relics that played last night.

Yes, the officials were terrible at last night's game. It left little doubt that some games are "assisted" by the NFL. I just thought it was funny that the NFL favored the Steelers in this game, when clearly the last three had been made "uphill" against them by the guys holding the yellow hankies.

ABC definitely blows. I wish Fox had covered the game. Maybe then we could get a decent audio feed. John Madden wasn't even drunk so he wasn't nearly as funny this time.

"BOOM! Now that's bad coverage!"

Osgiliath said...

As bad as ABC is, Fox drives me up the wall with their coverage. The announcers are sometimes OK (depends on who is announcing and who is playing), but the graphics they use for the score and downs irritate the hell out of me.