Monday, December 31, 2007

New Metal Pundit for 2008

Al Bundy and I have been working on revamping this blog. Hopefully many of our original readers will return and help make this blog as great as it once was. The original Metal Pundit paved the way for new friendships, and we hope we can continue making great friends while discussing what we love the most: METAL! Of course, this blog will be heavily skewed politically. As you all know, the administrators of this blog are all a bunch of crazy, anti-Bush liberals! However, we respect opposing opinions and we strictly treat everyone respectfully (unless you ask for it, of course). This is a place to debate and challenge our most solidified virtues.

A new spin to this blog will be my thoughts and analysis of legal topics. As many of you may know, I am currently in my first year of law school. I have completed my first semester and I have learned incredible amounts of law and lawyering skills. I will gladly explain legal concepts with which I am already familiar. As my studies progress, I will be able to offer more insight. However, please do not ask for legal advice because I am not yet a licensed attorney. It is against the law for a law student to offer legal advice, so don't bother.

We all hope you enjoy the resurrection of this blog. As always, we are open and willing to consider all reasonable suggestions to improve the blog. Have fun and enjoy the posts!


BlackLabelAxe said...

Yes! I am f'stoked about the return to the blogosphere of my long-time intellectual sparring partners and fellow headbangers!

I've got a quick rant: After Bhutto's assasination in Pakistan all the typical candidates lined up to say their piece, but all of them missed the most important part of all, and that's why I'm going to say it like I would have:

"As sad Mrs. Bhutto's death is, I am at once encouraged by the outrage shown by the Pakistani people towards violence in their country. The widespread rejection of such violence is a proper tribute for her and a great sign of peaceful change taking place in that country."

BigNewsDay said...

I am also extremly excited about the rebirth of The Metal Pundit. This is where it all began. If not for Lefty and his blog, I would have never started the BND blog, or would I have met so many wonderful people who I now call friends.

During this coming election year, I look forward to many great discussions both here and the BND blog. I just hope that our next leader isn't a fuck wad like our current one is.

I agree with my brother Axe's assessment regarding the tragic assasination of Bhutto. It is promising to see these signs of outrage over a terroroist attack coming from the Muslem world itself. Hopefully, this will mark a significant change in the global fight against terrorism.

one more thing:


BlackLabelAxe said...

Oh hell yes happy new year!

That major announcement that I had in the works for the past year...that I've joined the US Navy to be an officer in the SeaBees...I threw that out on myspace but I didn't know if everybody got to see it.

We've spend the last 4.5 years tearing countries apart all over the globe, and the SEABEES are over there fixing it! I'm reporting to OCS in February and will probably be deployed by the end of next year. I am so excited about it I can hardly sit still and type!

Wikipedia has a great article on the US Navy SeaBees, check it out if you get a chance. It's a little bit of combat, a little bit of construction, and a little bit of humanitarian relief- all done at the same time!

Lefty Metalhead said...

Welcome back gentlemen! After a relentless legal writing campaign during my first semester of law school, I now find it necessary to write about other topics in order to maintain my sanity. As time permits, I will write about the changing political landscape, as well as any interesting legal topics I think will be found interesting. Like my bro BND said, this is where our friendship started, and it is about time to spar intellectually once more!

As far as Bhutto's tragic assassination, I too see a spark of hope after learning of Pakistani people's outrage. Let this be a lesson to the world that terrorism and violence will not be tolerated.

I look forward to this being an interesting political year. We will all have a great time discussing the upcoming primary elections both here and on the BND blog. Let's make it happen guys!

Congratulations on your new endeavor Axe. I'm confident you will excel at the Navy Seabees as you have with all your previous military journeys. Have fun, learn all you can, and don't forget to stop by and share your stories.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Thanks again to Al Bundy for helping rebuild this blog!

Al Bundy said...

I'm glad to see The Metal Pundit has been revived. As well as the BND blog. I'm already spamming the internet with the links. A New era has begun! Happy New Year to you all!