Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ann "Bitch" Coulter Does It Again!

Outspoken wingnut pundit Ann "cunt" Coulter used a homosexual slur to throw mud at presidential hopeful, John Edwards. The "bitch", as many Americans know her as, called Edwards a "faggot" while talking about him.

Is there no end to Coulter's bullshit? Will she ever shut the fuck up? I suggest John Edwards return the favor and dick-slap her in the mouth, or at least in that adam's apple of hers! Feel free to BASH this whore all over this thread.

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Goremaster said...

"Ann Coulter (born Joseph Raymond McCarthy Coulter at least 100 years ago) is a conservative transsexual with a syndicated column. His right-wing diatribes are so full of bullshit that he MUST be trolling IRL. For instance, the chapters in his book Godless about evolution read like they were written by Jack Chick after a week long cocaine bender. Some people find him amusing, although Ann Coulter is not funny and all these people have shitty senses of humor. " "Watch "her" Adam's apple bob up and down on "her" throat when "she" talks on Fox News. He also received skin and hair treatments to make him look more aryan."