Friday, January 05, 2007

Check out The Abyss radio show

Legions of the Abyss now has it's on live radio show on that
will be hosted by me also i'm on there mon. wen.thurs. from 11 to 1 cst pm also at 11 to 1 cst am
The Abyss wull be on sat. nite at 11 cst pm to 3 cst am for hours of crush'in underground music.


metallord said...

Fuck Spammer's i hope u fuckin die assholes.

Goremaster said...


Lefty I deleted 3 spambot posts in this section. i'm gonna get to other ones.

Goremaster said...

ok i checked back a bunch of articles. i deleted alot of spambots. metal pundit seems to be clean....for now. ill be on the lookout.

Goremaster said...

ugh another spambot