Monday, April 03, 2006

Senator Feingold...Our Next President?

While the GOP is self-destucting, not many Democrats have taken advantage by pushing the envelope further. Perhaps the one Democrat who has been exceptional is Senator Russ Feingold from Wisconsin. He was the one senator to question the Patriot Act shortly after 9/11. He has consistently pushed the idea that Republicans can't govern. Recently, he introduced a presidential censure resolution. This move was both brilliant and risky. Not only did he move his base, but he proved that there IS a Democrat out there who owns a nice pair of balls!

This past week, Senator Feingold went into hostile territory and appeared on Faux News! As much as that jerkoff Chris Wallace tried to pin Feingold into a defensive position, the senator maintained his message and looked very civil. You can see the video here.

Could it be that we're looking at our next president? I once thought McCain would be the most-likely person, but he's been messing around in wingnuttia. The Arizona senator has been moving to the right in almost every issue. He sure is looking like Joe Lieberman these days!

I now have a difficult choice for whom I will support in 2008. Will I support Al Gore (assuming he'll run, which he has negated)? Or will I support Russ "balls of steel" Feingold? We still have some years to go before this heats up. A note to Feingold: don't let Hilary get all the money! Start raising the funds now!


BigNewsDay said...

I have been very impressed with Sen. Feingold as well. We need more people like him that are willing to take a stand, even when the rest of the party are too big of pussies to do so.

Osgiliath said...

I'd be stunned if he won the primaries should he decide to run. His censure motion has been fairly unpopular with the Democrats in the Senate thus far. At this point I don't see a strong front runner for the Democratic nomination... We'll just have to wait and see what happens...

BigNewsDay said...

But his censure motion has been very popular amongst Democrat voters, and has clearly made Feingold the front-runner in most progressive circles. It has made all of the other Democrats in the Senate look as if they've lost their 'nads.

BlackLabelAxe said...

Please, Please, Please:


I don't know much about Feingold, but from what I do know he's cut from a different cloth. We need that now more than ever. Hillary will promise progress, and deliver more and more of the same old shit. Hillary cannot make it 1996 again, but we all know she'll try.