Friday, October 10, 2008

Rigor Mortis - Freaks

Genre: Thrash Metal
Year: 1990

One of the greatest thrash metal recordings ever. Rigor Mortis are one of the standouts in thrash metal because of their flawless songwritting and musicanship. The structure is very much like Classical music. The music is extremely technical yet the band remembers that they have to write a well-structured song. Because of all of this, they are among the best thrash metal bands.

The production kicks ass. You can hear all instruments and the guitar tone is fucking great. All of these songs are memorable and brutal thrashers. No weak parts here. The best song on the EP would be "Six Feet Under/Worms of the Earth." The track contains 10 minutes of epic, brutal, and technical thrash metal with Classical music leanings. Although it's an EP, "Freaks" is my favorite Rigor Mortis release. As I said, there are no shitty songs. Get this fucking EP. It might be short but it's more fulfilling than most thrash metal albums.



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