Monday, March 10, 2008

Dismember - Dismember

Genre: Death Metal
Year: 2008

You can't go wrong with Dismember. They never released a bad album and have been around for 2 decades. It's good to see this band going strong after all these years. They haven't become trendy. They aren't recording long blasturbation sessions with over the top wankery. Unlike the shitty nu-slamcore bands, no stupid pig squeal vocals can be found. Their new self-titled album destroys all that pathetic modernized crap. I bet the people who listen to that shit wouldn't think it's so brutal if it didn't have big production. Dismember didn't need big production on this album and it's still more brutal than gay ass Putrid Pile. "Dismember" is a real death metal album. It may not bring anything new to the table but it gets the job done. Plus, listen to that guitar tone. I have heard tons of bands use it and Dismember are no strangers to it but the tone just sounds so goddamn good. Nice guitar playing too. Nothing extremely technical but it's just right. Great guitar harmonizing too. Dismember has a good sense of melody as well. The highlights are "Death Conquers All", "Under a Bloodred Sky", "The Hills Have Eyes", "Legion", "Tide of Blood", and "To End it All." If you can't enjoy this, you're not a metalhead.

Overall Rating: 10/10


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