Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Unhinged Liberal attack

Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom is right wing blogger that many on the right side of the spectrum enjoy reading. I'm an occasional visitor there. I attempted to access the site yesterday (7/10) and was unable to do so, the site appeared to be offline. Curious, I did some looking around and found a doozy of a story that has apparantly been covered elsewhere rather extensively.

Apparantly Protein Wisdom was under a DDOS attack for reasons that I don't quite fathom. It all seems to have begun when a lefy visited the site and decided to play the role of troll and crossed the line (fuck that - obliterated the line).

I'm aware that most people that visit Metal Pundit are not fans, but Michelle Malkin has a nice overview.

Protein Wisdoms troll began leaving disgusting comments at the blog, resulting in that sick person resigning her position at the University of Arizona to avoid being fired. I've quoted some of the comments below:

"[...] as I said elsewhere, if I woke up tomorrow and learned that someone else had shot you and your “tyke” it wouldn’t slow me down one iota. You aren’t “human” to me."

" Ooh. Two year old boy. Sounds hot. You live in Colorado, I see. Hope no one Jon-Benets your baby."

"Give your pathetic progeny (I sure hope that mofo got good genes from his mama!) a big fat tongue-filled kiss from me! LOTS AND LOTS OF SALIVA from Auntie MOONBAT, if you don’t mind!"

I don't care what side of the political spectrum you sit on , this is disgusting, appalling behavior and this woman, Deb Frisch appears to show no real remorse and seems to be lying her way through every step of the situation.

This kind of discourse adds nothing to the political fold and I call on those with a healthy interest in politics (left or right) to condemn those that would so cheapen political debate as to make sexual comments about a toddler.

Part of what bothers the hell out of me is that this bitch was working in the university system tainting the minds of the kids placed in her care. Personally I hope that some form of punitive legal action can be taken against her.


BigNewsDay said...

There are fucked up trolls on both sides of the spectrum. My site has been attacked by right wing trolls before, and a right wing troll recently got ahold of another bloggers client list and sent each of them a little e-mail. Messing with someone's blog is messed up no matter what your political beliefs are.

Osgiliath said...

Agreed, but fucking around with a blog and making threatening, sexual statements about the bloggers two year old are a little different in my book.

BigNewsDay said...

Sending information to a blogger's clients because you disagreed with a post is pretty messed up as well. Both of these cases sound criminal to me.

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