Thursday, April 13, 2006

Those Damn Racists!!!

Well those damn racists are at it again. The detah of the immigration reform bill can be solely placed on the hands of the Republican Democrat Party

From Sign on San Diego

Who killed immigration reform? The autopsy shows it was Senate Democrats.

It's tempting to put a pox on both parties. But it wouldn't be fair. Republicans were tireless in search of comprehensive, and bipartisan, reform. Sen. John McCain of Arizona joined with Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., to draft the guest-worker legislation, and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter made that legislation central to what his committee sent to the full Senate. Sens. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina and Sam Brownback of Kansas were vocal in their support. Sens. Mel Martinez of Florida and Chuck Hagel of Nebraska offered a helpful compromise. And Republican Majority Leader Bill Frist showed leadership by reaching out to the other side.

Too bad you can't say the same for Democratic leader Harry Reid, who was the villain in this drama.

Hector Flores, president of the League of United Latin-American Citizens, told me that he tried to impress upon Reid's office that it was important to get immigration reform done.

“Apparently, it fell on deaf ears,” Flores said.

Reid claims it was GOP hard-liners who killed reform by running roughshod over Frist.

Baloney. The hard-liners had – by all accounts – no more than 30 votes, including those of conservative Democrats. On the other side, you had – according to McCain – as many as 70 votes.

A deal was at hand that would have offered legal status to some illegal immigrants. It would have made the GOP seem more Latino-friendly, but it would also have infuriated organized labor, which opposes something that was in the mix: guest workers.

After the Senate Judiciary Committee put out a guest-worker bill, AFL-CIO President John Sweeney issued a statement saying: “Guest-workers programs are a bad idea and harm all workers.”

That did it. Senate Democrats sided with labor and sold out Latinos. The deal came undone because Reid refused to allow the legislation to go through the amendment process. Republicans had come up with as many as 400 amendments but whittled the list to 20. Reid agreed to proceed with debate on just three.

It was a masterstroke by Democrats. Labor is happy. And while Latinos are angry, there's always the chance that Democrats can fool them into channeling that anger toward Republicans.

Remarkably, it's working. At a protest in Washington Monday, one Latina held up a sign that read: “The GOP is losing my Latino vote.” At another protest in Dallas, someone handed out registration leaflets urging demonstrators to vote Democratic.

Just gotta love the "party of the people". Actions like these are why I have such a hard time buying into the Democratic Party as a viable option for public office. They generally seem to be much more of a two faced group of people willing to swindle the public than I am comfortable with.


BigNewsDay said...

You're missing a couple of key points here. Even if the Senate accepted this bill, it would have ahd to go back to the House, where the house Republicans would have rejected it.

Second, we don't need new immigration laws. We need to enforce the current laws. This is nothing but election year posturing that everyone knew would go nowhere from the beginning. This is both parties playing politics at the expense of the migrant workforce.

Osgiliath said...

There is no guarantee that the House Republicans would have shot down the bill.. We have no way of knowing what the final bill would have contained as the Senate Democrats followed the instructions of their Union bosses and prevented any real work being done on the bill.

I agree that we need to enforce the existing laws. And it is a problem that needs to be addressed at every level of government (federal, state and local).

I wouldn't call the people being affected a part of the migrant workforce, criminals maybe, migrants - no.

BigNewsDay said...

Most of the migrants here, mainly from Mexico, are hard working people that do nothing but boost our economy. I live down here in Texas where there is a great number of migrant workers. Legal or illegal, I would take a crew of them anyday than a crew of nothing but American alcoholic crackheads that have a shitty work ethic.

Most migrant workers get jobs under assumed names and fake SSNs. This means that they pay income taxes, sales taxes, and pump money back into their communities yet receive very few benefits normal tax payers receive.

You may call them criminals because they entere the country illegally, but I believe that the real criminals are the ones that make money exploiting the cheap labor that these migrant workers provide.

Goremaster said...

death to racism and rasicts

Osgiliath said...


I'm not talking about giving the people that hire them a pass. I think that those that employ illegal alieans need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

I'm not saying that these illegal immigrants are not hard workers, I'm sure they are. But that is beside the point, they broke the law to come to this country. That right there is enough for me. Their actions cheapen the hard work that those who do come here legally put in to become a citizen.

Things may work differntly in Texas, but in the DC metro area they are paid under the table. That means no taxes are paid on their income. Which is, yet again, illegal...

BigNewsDay said...

One of the things we need to look at is a reformation of the Immigration process. I've heard congressmen justify this new bill by saying that law-abiding immigrants go through the 12-15 year process of earning citizenship. That is insane. It should not take INS that long to process someones paperwork. It is extremely discouraging for immigrants. If we simplified the immigration process, more people would attempt to earn legal citizenship.

I also here people saying that these immigrants are taking jobs that Americans would be working. That is total bullshit. If Americans wanted those jobs, they would have them. I get really pissed off when some alcoholic loafer pisses & moans about an immigrant taking his jobs, yet he won't get his stupid ass off the sofa to look for work.

People are always looking for someone else to blame for their problems. Lack of accountability in our country is a far greater problem than illegal immigration.

Osgiliath said...


I don't think that the illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from Americans either. They are simply reaping the benefits of the union system which has priced labor out of most small contractors price ranges.

12 to 15 year sis an extremely long time to wait for citizenship to be granted, but I have to wonder is that is truly the average or simply the worst case scenario? I know a lady who lives in near me that was able to get here citizenship after being here for 8 years.

BlackLabelAxe said...

anonymous, you suck. Look for a guy by the name of "spooky1", I'll bet he's interested.

Enforcement is critical because even if we write a great law, there is no reason to follow it because the last law got walked all over too.

I find it rather amusing that the Dems had to choose between big labor and immigration reform. Even more amusing is to get a union-type talking about illegal workers. Act like you agree with them for a while, and you can always coax a racist rant out of them within just a few minutes of your time.

Unions are the second leading cause of industrial death in the US, with payroll and income taxes still king of that shameful mountain.