Friday, April 28, 2006

Immigration reform that makes sense?

In honor of the undocumented worker boycott scheduled for Monday I thought I'd put up a couple of posts about the boycott and some pieces about how to fix the problem with illegal immigration.

First up is an opinion piece written by Newt Gingrich. Before any of the lefties heads explode about Newt being reference here, take a look at what he has to say.

First, control the borders with decisive legislation aggressively implemented with tight deadlines. Once we have stopped the illegal flow of people we will have demonstrated the seriousness necessary to gain both the credibility and the leverage needed to implement the next steps. Fortunately, a bipartisan consensus has emerged that securing the borders is indeed priority number one. Three national leaders have it right in their shared view that border control is the first step. Senator Frist is exactly right when he wrote recently that “to build confidence among Americans and Congress that the government takes border security seriously, we have to act to help get the border under control right now.” Senator Clinton is also right when she recently recognized the need for a “smart fence” along the border to enhance security. And Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean is also correct when he said last week that “the first thing we want is tough border control.”

Accordingly, the Congress should pass a border-control bill immediately. There is no reason the Congress cannot immediately pass such a bill, and then concentrate on additional immigration reform measures later. The Congress should immediately act on this one aspect of immigration reform around which there is widespread agreement. America needs real border control immediately.

Absolutely, let's stop illegal immigration at the source rather than punting it and letting the next administration deal (or not deal) with it as they choose. Not only should we do this first, it need to do it now to get the ball rolling.

Newt continues into other ares covering elections (American citizens can only vote in American elections), punish employers who taxation and immigration laws by hiring illegals, and the establishment of a guest worker system including biometric identity card, a background check, and a 24/7 computerized real time verification capability so no business can claim ignorance.

Read the whole thing, It's definately got some great ideas within.

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