Tuesday, February 14, 2006

This beats the hell out of any scripted show ever

Saddam Hussein has announced that he is on a hunger strike as his way of protesting the chief judge handling the case against him. He claims to have not eaten for three days, a claim was has not been verified as of yet.

In Saddams own words to the judge "For three days we have been holding a hunger strike protesting against your way of treating us — against you and your masters.".

This is the least of it, however, his former Intelligence chief has appeared in court the last two days only wearing his long underwear. Genius apparantly decided that he wasn't going to appear in court anymore and the judge and guards had other ideas. According to the AP he (Ibrahim) had to be pulled into the court — shouting and struggling and wearing only his long underwear — by guards who held him by the arms.

Some of my favorite quotes from the Butcher and his cronies

"You brought me by force in my pyjamas and I have been on a hunger strike for two days." - Ibrahim Barzan former Intelligence chief

"I say to all Iraqis fight and liberate your country." - Saddam Hussein - didn't he butcher the last group that attempted this?

"Hit your own head with that gavel." - Saddam Hussein addressing chief judge Abdel-Rahman

What a couple of nutjobs, may justice be served to them now and for eternity.


BlackLabelAxe said...

Good luck to Saddam on his hunger strike!

Hang in there buddy, be strong and follow your dreams!!!

BlackLabelAxe said...

And remember, you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to!

BigNewsDay said...

Maybe if this doesn't work, he can go on a breathing strike.

Kull said...

It's his right to refuse to be tried by the lackeys of the ones that invaded his country and toppled him without the barest shred of authority or authorization.

The more this charade of a process goes on the more the world realizes how misbegotten the whole operation aganist Iraq was.

You should have shot him on sight and then claim he was 'resisting'.

Like J. Wilkes Booth.

But even that move would have been TOO SMART for the current GOP think tanks.

Hey dirty dick cheney, invite him on a hunting trip!


Osgiliath said...


I hope your joking with your post.

BigNewsDay said...

I don't agree with the war, but I also won't shed any tears if that asshole starves to death. i just hope that is a painfull way to go out. I second BLA's statement:

"Hang in there buddy, be strong and follow your dreams!!!"

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Starving to death is fun and pleasurable.
At least that's what they said about Terri Shaivo...