Monday, February 13, 2006

Cheney shoots fellow hunter in Texas

Late Saturday evening VP Disk Cheney accidentally shot and wounded a fellow hunter while hunting quail about 60 miles southwest of Corpus Christi.

The gentleman shot is one Mr. Harry Whittington who is listed as being in "very stable" condition.

My first take on this was one of sympathy for the man shot and then I immediatly wondered what the nuts a Dkos had to say about it? What follows below are some of my favortie quotes from the Kos Kids

"So are these sick BushCo fucks only turned on by power and violence? Can't someone be set up for a sexcapade already?!"
by srkp23

"Vice President Cheney is no longer allowed to meet with the President, on the grounds that Cheney may accidentally slice him up with a letter opener."
by scottman

"First, Clinton shoots Monica in the face and chest, now Cheney shoots a republican in the face and chest. At least Bill didn't make the Secret Service clean Monica off. I wonder if the orange vest will be as popular with the rethugs as the blue dress was."

by Kickturn

"I come from a country where guns are few and far between - even the cops don't carry them.

So to hear that the Vice-President of the US has actually shot one of his friends is unbelievable. A walking advert for gun control. The fact that Cheney's office is trying so hard to play it down is also baffling - he SHOT SOMEONE for crap's sake...."
by Mephistopheles

"Dig deep-- thres aconspiracy somewhere-- dig dig"
by schtuw

"The REAL tragedy was.... That Cheney wasn't the one who was shot"
by exlrrp

To be fair I find at least one of the above comments to be amusing, namely those by Kickturn and scottman. The rest are rather normal for as far as how a conservative tends to view liberals.

I say this because it seems like libs are always looking for a conspiracy involving Republicans, a lack of respect for life unless that life belongs to a terrorist insurgent and of course the all powerful love that Bush et al have for power and violence.

Can't the liberals come up with something new? Don't the tin foil hats begin to irritate your scalps after a while?


BigNewsDay said...

OK Os! No one was seriously injured, so this does provide an ample opportunity for us on the left to throw jokes (and even conspiracy theories)due to how it happened and who was involved. It this happened to a Democrat, you know the Nazis and that dude Ann Coulter would be doing the same thing.

Osgiliath said...

I have no problem with the humorous comments, I laud the authors of them for their quick wit. However, these comments are in a minority over at Kos as most of the posts seem to be fairly mean spirited and/or the work of nutjobs.

I'm not a reader of, this is the third time I've heard them referred to as Nazis. I've tried to look up some hot button issues and read the comments... I found nothing that suggested a police state, killing those that disagree with you.

Ann Coulter is a satirist. She can be extreme, but that's her job as her counter part I give you Maureen Dowd. I was going to say Franken, but the mans not funny and his writing doesn't have a shred of truth to it, at least Dowd and Coulter are able to do that.

BigNewsDay said...

Well, you need to read more of the comments on the neocon blogs. Most of those are just as mean-spirited towards Liberals. If you need some examples, I'll be happy to provide those to you. is one of those sites that have that 'agree with on everything, or we'll label you a Commie' attitude. That is why I refer to them as Nazis. I know they aren't out kiling jews or trying to take over France. They just refuse to hear the other side of anything. I know there are an abundace of left-wing blogs that do the same thing. Our country will never be as great as it once was if we stay this divided.

As far as Ann Couler goes, I've heard her/him say things that aren't just 'extreme' but racist. That lady (or whatever the hell she is) scares the hell out of me.

ZombieSilas said...

Yeah, but how many of us haven't thought about shooting our lawyer?

No offense Lefty...

And Conservatives can be just as vile, base,and rude as anyone else. But some of us would rather debate the issue than argue the issue - and yes, there is a difference.