Thursday, February 09, 2006

And the award goes to....

Last nights Grammys produced the normal list of crap winners in the "Rock" category. Slipknot won the award for Metal. Before people get to upset over this, it's not like they beat out CoB, Obituary or any good bands. The nominee list was just as weak as normal including:

Ministry - no decent albums since Psalm 69
Mudvayne - never been too impressed with them, Dig is an awesome song, but that's it.
Rammstein - Everything since Sehnsucht has been a letdown
Shadows Fall - never understood why people like them, very boring musically

So given the normal crapfest of the Grammys (anyone else remember Jethro Tull winning best metal in 89 over Metallica with ...Justice?) Who do you feel should have been nominated in the metal category and which of those should have won?


ZombieSilas said...

Any list of what we think should have been included will be an effort in futility, but I will try nontheless:

Crowbar - Lifesblood is a great album and Kirks contributions to the Sludge/Heavy scene can't be ignored.

Opeth - I am not a big fan, and have to be in the mood - but Ghost Reveries is a good album.

Rammstein - I like this band and think they deserve more than just a nomination.

Ministry - man, I can't beleive this band is still around and putting out new stuff. I would like to see them win just throw the mal-rats off.

And I think bands like InFlames and KillSwitch Engage deserve some recognition.

InFlames is starting to move in a Korn direction - which means I will stop buying their stuff - but Soundtrack To Your Escape was a good release, and you can't ignore Jesters Race.

KSE, I don't know, I just like that band.

I liked Shadows Fall at first, but like Trivium, they just seem tired sounding now. Nothing ground breaking, just boring. I thought SF was going to be a good band, but they started to get the Metallica comparison - and in my mind that seems to kill bands.

ZombieSilas said...

And I should add, the Grammy's have never been about good music. They are about good $ and the bands that win are the ones bringing the money to the record companies - not the bands out there making a difference in their respective genre.

As the great whores once sang "Sad but True".

Osgiliath said...


Agreed that the Grammys have always been a crapfest. Look up prior winners and you'll be surprised at what didn't win Grammys, I mean shit The Beach Boys didn't win for Pet Sounds (one of the best albums of all time) instead Kris Kristofferson won. I also don't think Jimi ever won a Grammy.

In Flames newest album is worse than STYE, just picked it up yesterday and I'm definately unimpressed thus far. Jester Race is definately their best recording IMHO.

My list for Metal

CoC - In the Arms of God
Nevermore - This Godless Endeavor
Exodus - Shovel Headed Kill Machine
Obituary - Frozen in Time
Dark Tranquillity - Character

Of these it would be a toss up between Exodus and Dark Tranquillity. In the end I'd have to go with DT as I felt that this album showed more musical growth than did the Exodus album.

ZombieSilas said...

I totally forgot about the new COC album. That was pretty good but still a long way from Blind.

I heard a few tracks off the new InFlames and I agree. I can't shake the feeling that Korn has already made that album - if you know what I mean. I don't understand why good bands do that.

BlackLabelAxe said...

Dittos to Exodus, Opeth, CoC, and Nevermore.

If I had to pick 4 nominess for METAL, and only puritan METAL:

-Opeth's "Ghost Reveries"
-CoC's "In the Arms of God"
-Nevermore's "This Godless Endeavor"
-Bruce Dickinson's "Tyranny of Souls"

...with the award going to Opeth, runner up is Bruce Dickinson. I feel like Opeth has a compositional ability that makes you wonder how creative a band can possibly be. I admire their music as much as I enjoy it. I can't even single out a favorite track from that record because it's so solid from start to finish. Try "The Baying of the Hounds" for starters if you want a good intro. Bruce Dickinson's record is the best since "The Chemical Wedding", and is a suprisingly balls-out metal record. I love Nevermore dearly, but "This Godless Endeavor" doesn't flow from track to track like previous albums as well, though the standout tracks are one of the best display of musicianship that I've ever heard. I nominate Jeff Loomis for the BEST SOLO SINCE 1990 for the track "Final Product". I'd love to put Crowbar up there too, but something about his vocals continue to irritate me, as much as I love that southern sludge sound. That's probably why I like his contributions to Down so much, because I love his riffing, but can't stand the singing. Rex Brown sounds fucking fantastic on the "Lifesblood" record.

To create a seperate category of THRASH METAL, Exodus jumps up and steals this outright with "Shovel Headed Kill Machine", with a runner up going to Soulfly's "Dark Ages". Yes, Soulfly is almost a thrash metal band now if you've heard the new record. I hate the sub-genre thing, but it's almost impossible to compare Exodus to Opeth.

I definitely agree with all of you that the nominations were a total hoax, and Slipknot was the only ligitimate nominee. That Mudvayne album has a few really cool tracks, but it sucks as an album. Most of us like to listen to albums, not FM radio cuts.

In death metal, Nile's "Annihilation of the Wicked" may be the best death metal record ever made. Everything else sounds like noise compared to Nile. Speaking of which, I'm going to see them tonight with Hypocrisy!

BlackLabelAxe said...

In Flames:

This band is clearly the Godfather of the metalcore movement. "Come Clarity" proves that they are on a level that Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, As I lay Dying, or any of those other metalcore bands will never reach.

With that in mind, I don't like it nearly as much as "Whoracle", or any record prior to that. I can't pinpoint a reason why, but it just has a generic sound to it. "Come Clarity" is still an In Flames record, so it still kicks copius amounts of ass with guitar harmonies and solos. I'm glad I bought it, but it's not going to kick the Devildriver CD out of my garage right now. By the way, the Devildriver CD grew on me so much that I'm shocked. It really kicks ass!

Lefty Metalhead said...

I agree Axe, that Devildriver CD is pretty damn good! I didn't like them when they released the first one. It sounded too much like Coal Chamber. This one, however, is a departure from that sound and is very refreshing. Hopefully they'll continue to improve.