Thursday, January 12, 2006

Say it ain't so Joe

Sen Joe Biden, A Senator with whom I generally disagree with everything that comes out of his mouth, has apparantly realized the value of the confirmation process following the Ginsburg standard - jack shit.

In an interview with the Today show this morning, Joe Biden stated that "Nominees now, Democrat and Republican nominees, come before the United States Congress and resolve not to let the people know what they think about the important issues,"

Sounds spot on to me, his suggestion makes even more sense. Basically, he proposed canning the entire hearing process and just sending the nominee straight to the Senate where the merits of said nominee could be debated.

I like this idea for one primary reason: It will allow a Senators constituents find out whether or not their Senator holds the same values they do. I also like this since it somehow just seems like the right way to handle it. I can't get more specific than that, maybe a good night's sleep will help me find the words.

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