Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hell hath no fury...

Well it would seem that Pres. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad realizes what many Republicans have been saying for years. The U.N is a weak, inneffective collection of pussies that is no longer capable of holding any sway over world governments.

In a move that has sent Hans Blix back to his desk to write up another nasty missive, Iran has broken U.N seals at a uranium enrichment plant and has declared that it is resuming enrichment.

I wonder what the U.N will do to reign in Iran? Maybe they could start up more black market trade programs with Iran, hell they've already got the infrastructure in place, just transfer the Oil for Food idiots over to a new deal with Iran. Another good idea would be to bluster some more making loud noises (clucking comes to mind) and then to blame it on America. I'm willing to bet money that they do the latter.


BlackLabelAxe said...

This is a classic Iran move here. My personal favorite quote from the President of the "Islamic Republic of Iran" is when he explained to the world community that Iran's goal is "to wipe Israel off the map". Coming in at a close second is when he denied the Holocaust altogether, claiming it to be another sympathy invite for the Jewish community. Some still wonder why we don't want them to have nuclear weapons.

The Iranian space program now consists of one single satellite. Do you think it's for telecommunications? How about scientific research? Global positioning/mapping? Nope, it's a military spy satellite geosynchronously positioned to spy on Israel 24 hours per day.

Just the other day, he told a group of graduating Islamic clerics to "prepare for Islam to rule the world".

By the way, Iran is a founding member of OPEC, in case you were starting to question the character of these criminals we insist on doing business with.

BlackLabelAxe said...

The point of Osgiliath's spot-on post is what we all learned from watching the Matt Stone and Trey Parker (South Park creators) movie, "Team America: World Police". The UN is so useless that even the European Union has taken it upon themselves to voice their own critisizms of Iran. Will they do anything about it? Probably not. What I hate is that Bush cashed in all of his political capital to make the case for Iraq, and lots of people are still unhappy about that one (and for many good reasons). Now we've got a genuine Theocratical madman here who feels like Allah wants him to nuke Israel into the Mediterranean.

If the EU fails to act, we know the UN won't do anything, and I don't know that Bush has the capital anymore to stop Iran even if he's got a Pearl Harbor-tight case for it, then I'm not opposed to Israel taking out those nuke facilities with some of those kickass F-15J Strike Eagles we sold them around the turn of the century. Israel has a right to defend their own country, they are a prosperous, peaceful nation that is on the path towards diplomacy and multinational and regeional stability. Sharon has been unwarrantedly aggressive in the past, but I think since the death of that terrorist Arafat, he's really trying to make a break towards peace. It would sure be a shame if we stood around writing letters and reading laws to each other while Israel gets nuked by a suicidal Theocrat.

I'm really afraid that Iran is going to be the biggest problem of all. It's tough to have negotiations with somebody who thinks Allah wants them to kill everbody who doesn't accept Mohammed as the final authority on all things spiritual. According to the Koran (9th Surrah), which I think President Ahmadinejad has taken out of context, he's just doing his job as a Muslim.

BlackLabelAxe said...

Okay, this one is just too good not to post.

from an AP article, 1/11/06:

[Iranian President Ahmadinejad] accused the West of using fears of nuclear weapons as an excuse to prevent Iran's technological development and to control the country by forcing it to buy nuclear fuel abroad.

"They falsely say that they oppose nuclear weapons. They want to have nuclear monopoly to sell it drop by drop at an expensive price and use it as an instrument for domination over nations," he said.

^^^Isn't that EXACTLY what they're doing to us with OIL?!?!

Lefty Metalhead said...

Good point BLAxe!