Friday, January 13, 2006

From the mouths of Liberals

In reaction to Alitos wife breaking down and crying over the awful treatment that her husband recieved from some of the dimmest bulbs in the nation, The Kos kids have come out and shown just how much they care about their fellow man.

Read below the fold for some quotes that really show how caring the modern Democrat is.

From your more basic claims of it being staged and faked

"I have to vote that it was staged
Especially given how at the ready editorials and opinion columns from WSJ and Noonan were. Amazing coincidence. Also, her smirking and being disruptive for three days shows her true respect and regard for both the Senators and the proceedings themselves.
She really could give two craps about any of it, if those looks are any indication

To the theory of her being abused physically by Alito

The misogynistic controlling husband (Mr. Alito) might be kind of hard on his wife in private and she knows the truth (he is a bigot) and can't say it publically. When faced with a somewhat sympathetic Graham, she can't hold her pretend face anymore and falls apart briefly. That is how it looked to me.
by jamoca

To the extremely bigoted anti woman postings that the Kos kidz generally try to associate with conservatives.

is she doing there, anyway! She should be home baking cookies and making more home-made clothes!
Why do wives, or husbands for that matter have to hang around, looking like complete asses at these hearings?
Another stupid cow married to another Nazi motherfucker.
Cry, you cow. You moron. You shithead married to a man who would destroy this country!
Cry? You ain't seen nothin' yet.

Ahh, the modern liberal, a paragon of virtue in todays corrupt world. Showing compassion for their fellow man (woman) and always interested in the betterment of humanity.


Lefty Metalhead said...

Gee, don't the KOS members remind you of the wingnuts in respect to Cindy Sheehan? Except the wingnuts were harsher, calling Sheehan a media whore, all while she lost a child to war. What did Mrs. Alito lose? Her grip on the situation. Yet you want compassion for her?

Come on, you're making a huge generalization of modern liberals. Notice how I didn't make any comments about Mrs. Alito whatsoever, yet your claim implicates me. I could care less what those Kos readers have to say. I'm not going to say you're the same as Pat Robertson just because you're on the right.

Nevertheless, I understand why you're pissed.

BigNewsDay said...

I would understand where you or coming from if it where only the Liberals that stoope to this kind of behavior, but the neocons are just as guilty of making stupid slanderous remarks about members of the left. The treatment of Sheehan by the wingnuts as pointe out by Lefty is a great example. I'm sure thousands of examples can be referenced on both sides of the spectrum.

I'm sure I can go to and find hundreds of baseless insults made by ignorant posters.

Osgiliath said...

Lefty and bignews:

True, but this has become a recurring theme with the denizens of Kos. I'll grant that some of the posts were more rational than those three that I've highlighted, but far to often the barking moonbats let their glory show.

It's not that I expect compassion for Mrs. Alito, but to allege spousal abuse and to begin to taunt her is beyond the pale. I do expect decorum especially when discussing the family members of candidates, to stoop to that level is appalling.

My intent is not to claim that you all are the same as all of the Kos kids, but with occuring so frequently and DailyKos showing up on the Blogroll, I definately feel the need to distance myself from that bunch as they do not represent anything that I value.

As to Sheehan, what is wrong with criticizing her? She had her meeting with Bush and wanted a second one. When it was about Casey (her son) I disagreed with her, but respected her choice.

As soon as it became about Cindy ,and more and more stories came out of her and her supporters displying the names of of troops killed in battle against the surviving families wishes I lost any and all tolerance for her.