Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Alito has been confirmed

Samuel Alito was confirmed by the U.S Senate today. The vote tallies currently stand at 58 for and 38 against. This is the narrowest margin for a Supreme Court nominee since Clarence Thomas back in '88.

According to Fox News, Alito will be sworn in this afternoon and will be attending the State of the Union adress tonight in his Supreme Court robes.

One thing I noticed were the absenses of several Democratic Senators, most notably Robert KKK Byrd and John "I have 31 purple hearts" Kerry. Given Kerrys screed on Kos (see prior posting) I'm surprised that he couldn't be bothered to at least cast a 'nay' vote. Byrd surprises me because I would have thought that racist piece of crap would have jumped at the chance to vote against Italian-American Alito

Final tally was 58-42 with Byrd voting for Alito and Kerry voting nay. Each of them apparantly voted in the second round of voting.

Those Democrats who crossed party lines to vote for Alito are as follows:

Byrd, W.Va.
Conrad, N.D.
Johnson, S.D.
Nelson, Neb.

Republicans who voted with the Dems are as follows:

Chafee, R.I.

And anyone who can't guess how Jim Jeffords (I) voted needs to be taken out back and beaten with a stick.


BigNewsDay said...


Osgiliath said...

How is this a BOO?

Alito seems to be a decent judge and Kerry and Kennedy had no problems with him when they voted to put him on the 3RD US Circuit Court. What has changed since then?

I've got my own guesses, but I don't want to start a flame war... yet

BigNewsDay said...

That was just a general boo along party lines.

crallspace said...

Fuck that!~

Goodbye America as we knew it. And fuck you neo-con ideologue shitbags! Every last senator that voted yay- dump their asses this year!

crallspace said...

On a lighter note, I am bookmarking this site.

Osgiliath said...


I actually think that the confirmation of Alito was a good thing. Of course I'm one of the token conservatives on the site, I'm sure others disagree with me.

Seriously though, I don't think that the American population is going to see much change in how the court functions or the rulings that it passes. The only possible change would be Roe V. Wade which is a good thing in some regards and a bad one in others. I've gone over this before, but in a nutshell - I'm against Roe V. Wade because it is a poor ruling. I would support a state writing laws to allow abortion, assuming it went through the legislative process.

To really make some changes we need to get rid of those assholes that decided that increased tax revenue was a Constitutionally sound reason to invoke eminent domain to take peoples homes away from them. This would of course get rid of the leftist judges on the court.

Osgiliath said...


One other thing, As much as I can't stand good ol' Grand Cyclops Byrd, they'll never dump him, he's brought far to much pork into West Virginia for that to happen. Christ, he's got his name on most every building and road in the state.

BlackLabelAxe said...

Osgiliath makes an excellent point about Eminent Domain abuse. This is one area where the so-called "conservatives" actually defend our Constitutional rights that the left (generally speaking, none of the leftist contributors here for the record) have left behind.

I really like what you said on a different topic about the Roe decision. It's not that most of us think the government needs to control abortion, it's just that Roe was not a good legal decision, although I seriously doubt that it will be revisited in the fantasy world that the leftists in the Senate feel so strongly about.

Honestly though, I think he'll be a fair judge and not impose his personal beleifs on his judicial work.

crallspace said...

I just think that keeping Bush';s legacy around this long (for life) is a big, big mistake.

Osgiliath said...


How so? I can point to mistakes that Reagan and Clinton made in appointing justices to the bench - their names are Souter, Kennedy, Ginsberg and Breyer. Those four (along with Stevens) have done more harm to the American public than any other justice with the exceptions of Blackmun (Roe V Wade) and Taney (Dred Scott)