Friday, December 09, 2005

Osgiliath reviews the COB show in DC 12/8

Greetings all!!

I attended the Children of Bodom show in DC last night and thought I would share my impressions of the bands that performed. As expected and hoped for Amon Amarth tore up the stage. These guys are fucking awesome live!! Johan has great stage presence and did a fantastic job getting the crowd fired up. The setlist was a nice selection of tracks from their new and older albums. I'll definately be seeing these guys again.

After Amon Amarth cleared the stage I went ahead and picked up my shirts for COB and Amon. Trivium took the stage at about 9PM. I was and am decidedly unimpressed with these guys. The vocal work was lacking and the guitar playing was incredibly sloppy. They did do a tribute to Dimebag towards the end of their set and played a bit of Walk. During this tribute was the only time the crowd seemed to come to life. Most tellingly for me was they stopped playing Walk right before the solo was to begin, I assume that this was because they are unable to do so.

The primary reason Trivium seemed to be on the tour was that they brought a decent selection of female fans to the show. Kind of refreshing after the normal sausage fests that we've all become accustomed to witnessing.

COB hit the stage at about 10PM. I wan't to keen on 'Are you Dead Yet', so I had some reservations about their setlist. I didn't need to worry. Children put on one of the best shows I've ever seen. I was thrilled to find out that Angels Don't Kill made the setlist for the tour. The highlights of COB weren't the songs, rather it was the drum solo and the dual of keyboards and guitar that they did so the other band members could take a break. Having watched the keyboard/guitar dual I have to say that I am extremely impressed with the keyboardists ability.

This is a must watch show, hopefully you'll be lucky enough to go to see it at a club that let's you exit the facility and come back in. This certainly helped kill 10 minutes from the 1 1/2 hour crapfext that was Trivium...

Coming next Morbid Angel. Hopefully these guys are able to put on a decent show now that Vincent is back in the fold......


BlackLabelAxe said...

Good Review, Osgiliath. I decided to skip this show two days earlier, because I've been to so many shows during the week that I can barely stay awake at work. I'd like to see them play sometime, because I've heard from many people that's it a fun show. Next up for me is Nile!!!!!

Osgiliath said...

I thought about going to that show. I'm not huge into Nile, but I wouldn't mind seeing Hypocrisy and Decapitated, but I've got to go with Morbid Angel with the original vocalist over he Nile show.

Let us know how the Nile show goes...

ZombieSilas said...


I have heard and read nothing but how this band is the Second Coming for metal, so I bought the CD a few months back.

I liked it at first, but replay value is null. It seems fairly uninspired - but the guitar work from the studio was pretty good - and the vocals seem more mallcore than hardcore, but the scene is so starving right now that even mediocre bands get the "savior" treatment by the press - and Trivium continues to get the "Best Album of The Year" tag.

I don't get it.

In my mind, the best metal album of '05 was the new Crowbar, but that's just my opinion.

Hell, I even liked the new As I Lay Dying release better than Trivium, and I thought the AILD CD was weaker than their previous.

Osgiliath said...

I was unfamiliar with Trivium until I found out that they were touring with CoB. I checke dout a couple of their songs and wasn't impressed.

They may be decent guys, but I don't see them going far or making many waves in metal if this show was indictive of their normal sound.

BlackLabelAxe said...

I like the Crowbar album very much, but the vocals are really irritating. Rex sounds badass on the bass, and makes the whole album work well.

My top albums of 2005:

1) Clutch- Robot Hive/Exodus
2) Corrosion of Conformity- In the Arms of God
3) Opeth- Ghost Reveries
4) Nevermore- This Godless Endeavor
5) Bruce Dickinson- Tyranny of Souls
6) Soulfly- Dark Ages
7) Nile- Annihilation of the Wicked
8) Crowbar- Lifesblood for the Downtrodden
9) Black Label Society- Mafia
10) The Darkness- One Way Ticket to Hell
11) Disturbed- Ten Thousand Fists
12) Dream Theater- Octavarium
13) Fear Factory- Transgression
14) Nine Inch Nails- With Teeth

Yes, that's right, I put the Darkness on my list. It may be the most obvious attempt to bring back cock-rock since the early 90's, but it has a classic rock sound to it that I haven't heard since the last Black Crowes album. I'm currently writing a review for it on, look for it next week sometime.

ZombieSilas said...

I think Kirks vocals are what makes Crowbar so heavy. The guitars are great- don't get me wrong - but the vocals... He doesn't yell. He doesn't growl. It's more of a rumble.

And his guitar work - even with the lack of solos - you just can't find in most metal anymore.

I guess you really have to like sludge to dig Crowbar full time. I like sludge. Down, EyeHateGod, The Melvins.

Sludge is a lost art.

I thought the COC album was decent, but not really up to par with what that band put out in the early/mid 90's.

The Darkness. HA. I guess we all have our dirty little secrets. I bought the Gorrilaz CD. So there!

And it's good to see Fear Factory back.

BlackLabelAxe said...

Hey, I'm all about some sludge. Down is probably one of my favorite bands of all time, but having Phil sing just sounds infinitely better than Kirk. I much prefer a clean vocalist like Pepper Keenan over a dirty growl anyday. It's fine to scream or growl when it fits, I'd just like to see them break into something clean every once in a while (re: Mikael Akerfeldt- Opeth, or Phil Anselmo). That's not to say that I don't like the riffage, because that's what is so sweet about the Crowbar record. Rex's bass set the tracks on fire, and make it highly enjoyable. No solos are fine with me, Max Cavelera won't be caught playing any solos, and it's never prevented him from cranking out some of the best metal ever recorded. Solos are great when they fit the mood, just like screaming vocals.

I agree with you on the CoC record, it's not "Deliverance", and it's not "Wiseblood", but it's still CoC, and it has some killer riffs on it too. It fits very nicely in the live shows with the older songs, too. CoC is one of my all-time favorite live shows.

"When I die, bury me in smoke"
-P. Anselmo

BigNewsDay said...

I remember CoC from the Technocracy, Animosity days. That's when they kicked ass.

ZombieSilas said...

Down is a great band.I can't wait for Down III. And any band that Phil lends his voice to is bound to be good - although SJR just isn't living up to what I thought they would be, but I think that is a Phil thing - you know, the whole "I am a hardcore God and this is MY band and we play how I say we play".

But I think Kirks rumble fits with the overall sound of Crowbar. I don't think a clean vocal would have quite the same effect with the aura Crowbar creates.

BlackLabelAxe said...

Well, I just got OWN3D.

I had no business posting that list until I had experienced "Shovel Headed Kill Machine" by Exodus. Yes, Exodus is back, and this new album is more brutal and insane than anything they've ever done. Paul Bostaph (drummer, formerly of Slayer) must have the fastest feet on earth. Gary Holt blisters the record with guitar tone sharp enough to cut a man in half. The CD is at least as violent as the greusome cover art suggests. I don't know how I let this one under my radar, but I want to bring it everybody's attention before it slips away into history. "Shovel Headed Kill Machine" sounds like Slayer on steroids. It's a musical kick to the nuts from start to finish. For over 50 minutes, you'll be out of breath with a bloody nose, and you'll probably have bruised ribs too. If you like lifting weights, killing small animals, or fighting mythological creatures, you need this album.

That is all. Now do yourselves a favor and go buy it, because it already owns you.