Tuesday, December 20, 2005

New York TWU goes on strike

I normally wouldn't post this, but this is to delicious to pass up. As most of you are aware the TWU has gone on strike in New York. This has pretty much shut down the city. What you may not know is that the TWO also has a blog, and they have left the comments open. I now direct you to the blog

Transit Worker

Here's the comments... I haven't read them yet, but these people are royally pissed off.

Comments section


Comments have been taken offline. I've left the link for historical purposes.


ZombieSilas said...

This story is all over the news and radio talk shows. I live in Appalachia, what the hell do I care if New Yorkers can't ride a filthy train to work? I fail to see the "National" relevance of this story.

Have you ever been in one of those things? NASTY!

And New Yorkers call my way of life backwards! I never sat in someone else's shit on my way to work.

I hope the strike doesn't last long because poor people making min. wage who depend on that system to get to work are the ones really getting screwed. I see where the union is coming from, but I don't think they fully thought about the unintended consequences of their actions - which is something Unions are famous for.

Osgiliath said...

silas. Normally I would agree with you, I posted this because I find it hilarious that the union has pissed off most of the city and in making the announcement of their decision on their blog, they didn't turn off the comments.

I've been on public in New York, I've added to my list of don't do that again.

ZombieSilas said...

I wondered about the decision to leave the comments on as well.

I think maybe they assumed - as most unions tend to do - that the general public would be on their side - against the all powerfull "man".

I think they are finding out that maybe they assumed incorrectly.

BigNewsDay said...

I understand where the TWU is coming from here. They have no type of pension plan and their health insurance is about to be discontinued. The attempted to negotiate with the MTA, Mayor, and even the Governor. No one would bend one way or the other. Maybe New Yorkers will now stop taking the transit workers for granted and make sure that they are taken care of. Labor strikes can be a very valuable tool for workers if management refuses to meet their needs.

ZombieSilas said...

"Labor strikes can be a very valuable tool for workers if management refuses to meet their needs."

That is if the strike is legal. This one is not, and as such, cannot be considered legit.

Osgiliath said...

Umm.. The local union does have a pension plan, the MTA wanted to change the terms of the pension plan for new hires only… existing pensions would have been unaffected. The same seem to be the case for health insurance, it would have been reduced for new hires and existing employees would be unaffected.

One of the over-riding sentiments of the comments section (now offline) was the sheer stupidity of the union feeling entitled to the 1 billion dollar surplus, many commenters felt that it should go into line improvements and possibly updating the fleet, not paying the salary of people that hate their customers and have no real qualifications for anything.

As for New Yorkers not taking the union workers for granted anymore, I fear you are correct. By pulling this stunt Christmas week they have ensured that the passengers will be openly hostile to them for a good long while after the strike is over. Once again, this is a sentiment I read over and over again in the comments section.

I hope that Bloomberg or Pataki take the Reagan option and offer the same ultimatum that Reagan did to the air traffic controllers – Return to work within 24 hours, anyone who doesn’t will be fired and barred from working in this industry again.