Monday, November 21, 2005

Caseys Mom to release book

Good old Mrs. Sheehan is back in the news again, this time sheÂ’s having a book published about her exploits at Camp Casey. Of course, it's all about getting the troops home safely and having another meeting with Bush, isn't it? While I can certainly sympathize with her, I canÂ’t get behind her making money off the death of her son.

This woman has unfortunately sold out the memory of her son as well as the sons and daughters of others in an effort to make a political point. Given her conduct since establishing Camp Casey, I have to wonder if it was ever her true intention to camp out in Crawford until she met Bush (again). SheÂ’s coming off more and more as nothing more than an opportunist.

From the Left (by Lefty Metalhead)

I would rather not comment on Cindy Sheehan's plan for publishing a book about her vigils in Camp Casey. The Sheehan debate is old and her mention is mostly used nowadays for partisan attack. I will, however, link Sheehan's message of asking the Bush administration to give Americans an honest statement on why we went to war in Iraq, to what's happening. In other words, we haven't found WMD's (at least to the extent Bush claimed they had), there was no link between 9/11 and Iraq, and Al Qaeda didn't set up shop in Iraq until we got there. Did we go to free the Iraqi people? Come on, we're not that nice! Sheehan succeeded in getting America's attention on the Iraq quagmire. At the moment, the Bush administration and the right-wing smear machine are working hard to quiet anyone who speaks out.

Now, Mr. Cheney has made an interesting claim. He said:
Those who advocate a sudden withdraw from Iraq should answer a couple simple questions. Would the United States and other free nations be better off or worse off with Zarqawi, Bin Laden and Zawahiri in control Iraq? Would we be safer or less safe with Iraq ruled by men intent upon the destruction of our country.

Huh? Where's the evidence? He suggests that if U.S. troops leave Iraq, the Iraqi forces will be incapable of defending Iraq against terrorists. Therefore, Iraq will be eventually ruled by Osama himself!

What's funny (and hypocritical) is what Defense Secretary Rumsfeld had to say yesterday:

People who denigrate their competence and capability are flat wrong. TheyÂ’re making a mistake. They either donÂ’t understand the situation or theyÂ’re trying to confuse it, but the Iraqi security forces are well respected by the Iraqi people. TheyÂ’re doing a very good job.
Hmm? Who shall we believe here? More Bush-bullshit courtesy of your friend from the left.


BlackLabelAxe said...


I completely understand your point here, the truth is that both the US and Iraqi forces are required to secure the country at this time. Iraqi forces do not quite have the technical aspects of their jobs perfect yet, but at least they're showing the guts it takes to fight (RE: the raid in Mosul where they may have killed Al-Zarquawi- Iraqi forces did most if not all of the fighting in that raid). In the beginning, they were more likely to cut and run than face a battle with well-equipped militants, but now they're showing that they can be trusted to guard the very costly progress that has been made in that country.

The training part is easy, you can teach a man who is willing how to do anything. What you can't teach is a will to fight, or a desire to be free. Thankfully, more and more brave Iraqis are stepping up to the task of controlling their own future. US forces need to be there and support them while they become more adept at urban warfare. Fortunately, as reported in the media and confirmed by several veteran friends of mine, the role of US forces is slowly shifting from full-time security detail to the "just in case" role.

I'm just thankful that at least the Sunnis are in the news talking about ideas for the new government, and not about how they're going to kill Americans.

I believe that we'll always have a force stationed permanently in Iraq, but the downsizing and role transition of the US and coalition forces that is already happening will intensify in the coming months.

In reference to that woman writing a book: She has long outlived her usefulness to whatever good she may have done. Ann Coulter wrote a great article about her that is definitely worth reading if you have any interest in the topic. She needs to remember that America signed up for this war with both popular support and by re-electing the leader who authorized it, just like her son signed up for the Army. It's time for Washington to start delivering results to the taxpayers, and not an endless stack of receipts and no-bid contracts. All this drama she's stirring up is not helping us figure out what the next step will be in this situation we're already in.

Was the decision to invade Iraq a good one? Time will bring more evidence to both sides, but like all of history, we will debate it until the end of time. It doesn't matter now, because we did invade, and now we have to fulfill our obligation to them by promoting a decent government, human rights, and kickstarting an economy that has been AWOL for the past 35 years. If Cindy Sheehan has any insight on those matters, it would be much more relevant and appreciated than her current media stunts.

Osgiliath said...


Going in to free the Iraqi people was one of the many reasons that was outlined for going into Iraq.

I don't think there is a smear campaign against anyone who speaks out. If Mrs. Sheehan had held herself above reproach I don't think there would be this much antagonism towards her. Instead she has hopped in bed with Code Pink (you know - the war wounded taunters at Walter Reid) ignoring the requests of other grieving parents (displaying their childrens names against their will in a mock cemetary).

As to the standard left talking points about no ties between 9/11 and Iraq - This is true, unfortunately Bush never claimed there was, he has claimed that there were ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda. This has proven true. Also, Al Qaeda did have operatives in Iraq before we invaded. This has also been shown to be true.