Friday, October 28, 2005

First Libby next Rove?

Now that Libby has been indicted and resigned from his post, how high up will this go? Rove looks like he may be indicted shortly but it is hard to say. I do feel that this could lead nearly to the top of the Bush Administration. Many on the Right are not saying much, though I did not listen to Rush or Sean today. Clinton's affairs seem meek compered to outing a CIA agent. This should be taken to the hilt.

Update from Lefty Metalhead:

The wingnuts (the right), at least in the blogosphere (i.e. Redstate), are playing this off as though it isn't a big deal. They are equating Libby's indictment to a Martha Stewart-type wrong-doing. Seems to me as though the right is "not in touch with reality". The implications this will have on the Bush administration will be seen in the coming months. Will we see hard evidence proving Bush's faulty premise for going to war? Will we be exposed to more corrupt individuals in his administration? I say this indictment has opened the floodgates, and Karl Rove may well see trouble coming his way. Merry Fitzmas everyone!!!

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BigNewsDay said...

Isn't leaking classified information considered treason? Isn't treason punishable by death? One can dream.

Lefty Metalhead said...

Death? It should be! The wingnuts claim to be all patriotic, but they sure don't show it!

DarqueCarnivalBass said...

In all honesty, yes, leaking classified Information is considered treason. And yes, punishable by death. Unless you have friends in HIGH PLACES as Libby has.
I believe Bush will be awarding Libby some kind of humanitarian award in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Libby hasn't been indicted for revealing Plames ID, he's been indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice (same as Martha).